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Visualize the spread of claims and fact checking

A new tool called Hoaxy “visualizes the spread of claims and related fact checking online. A claim may be a fake news article, hoax, rumor, conspiracy theory, satire, or even an accurate report. Anyone can use Hoaxy to explore how claims spread across social media. You can select any matching fact-checking articles to observe how those spread as well. [Hoaxy tracks] the social sharing of links to stories published by two types of websites: (1) Independent fact-checking organizations, such as,, and, that routinely fact check unverified claims. (2) Sources that often publish inaccurate, unverified, or satirical claims according to lists compiled and published by reputable news and fact-checking organizations.”

Indiana University, “Hoaxy: FAQ,” (retrieved January 10, 2017).

The condition of education

In school year 2013–14, an all-time high of 82 percent of public high school students graduated with a regular diploma within 4 years of first starting 9th grade. Sixty-eight percent of 2014 high school completers enrolled in college the following fall: 44 percent went to 4-year institutions and 25 percent went to 2-year institutions. While 86 percent of all young adults ages 25–34 with a bachelor’s or higher degree were employed in 2014, differences in employment outcomes were observed by occupation, sex, and race/ethnicity. For example, female full-time, year-round workers earned less than their male colleagues in nearly all of the occupation groups examined and for every employment sector (e.g., private for-profit, private nonprofit, government).

Grace Kena, William Hussar, Joel McFarland, Cristobal de Brey, Lauren Musu-Gillette, et al., The Condition of Education 2016 (NCES 2016–144), May 2016. U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Washington, D.C., (retrieved January 3, 2017).

Jailed journalists

“At least 81 journalists are imprisoned in Turkey, all of them facing anti-state charges, in the wake of an unprecedented crackdown that has included the shuttering of more than 100 news outlets. The 259 journalists in jail worldwide is the highest number recorded since 1990. The global total of 259 journalists jailed on December 1, 2016, compares with 199 behind bars worldwide in 2015. The previous global record was 232 journalists in jail in 2012.”

Elana Beiser, “Turkey’s crackdown propels number of journalists in jail worldwide to record high,” Committee to Protect Journalists, December 13, 2016, (retrieved January 3, 2017).

College graduates and careers

“Since 2010, 86 percent of incoming freshmen have said that getting a better job represents a critical factor in their decision to enroll in college, compared with 73 percent of incoming freshmen between 2000 and 2009 who said the same. About half of college graduates nationally report that they visited the career services office during their undergraduate experience. About 17 percent of 2010 to 2016 graduates report that their career services office was very helpful. Graduates who visited the career services office and said their interactions were very helpful are 5.8 times more likely to say their university prepared them well for life outside of college.”

Gallup, “Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2016,” (retrieved January 10, 2017).

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