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Current Issue: June 2022

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The Way I See It

Olena Skachenko

Unconquered Ukraine

The librarian’s thoughts out loud

Caption on the photo reads: ”Whoever you are now or used to be, lift up your hands and pray!”—Anastasiia Shevchuk

More than three months have passed since the Russian-Ukrainian war started. It is an unprovoked, full-scale, and murderous ...


Squibb and Salmon

Pick and choose

Offering options to expand library sessions for undergraduate researchers

Figure 1. Sessions offered summer 2020.

For a number of years, librarians at the University of California-Merced (UC-Merced) have provided research-focused instruction during a weeklong training bootcamp for undergraduate students participating ...

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Perspectives on the Framework

Esther Roth-Katz

One step at a time

Integrating the Companion Document to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: Social Work into an existing instruction program

Figure 4. Proprietary vs. Nonproprietary Sources.

The Smith College Libraries facilitate a robust instruction program for students enrolled in the college’s ...


Judy L. Silva

Powerful pedagogy

Facilitating a faculty learning community in special collections

Facilitating a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) in Special Collections is an excellent way to introduce faculty to unique primary resources and teaching materials. As a faculty librarian, I facilitated an FLC in which classroom faculty participants explored the university library’s Special Collections to identify resources for enriched pedagogy and original student research. This article outlines the setting, objectives, planning, activities, outcomes, and a discussion about this Special Collections FLC.

FLCs have been defined as “cross-disciplinary faculty and staff group(s) of six to fifteen members . . . who engage in an active, collaborative, yearlong program ...


2021–22 ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee

Top trends in academic libraries

A review of the trends and issues

This article summarizes trending topics in academic librarianship from the past two years–a time of tremendous upheaval and change, including a global pandemic, difficult reflections concerning racial justice, and war between nation states. Rapid changes and uncertainty from these events have created a significant amount of shifts to academic libraries, higher education, and society in general. Such shifts have yielded new perspectives and innovations in how librarians approach delivering services, supporting student success, managing staff and physical spaces, embracing new technology, and managing data. This report attempts to provide a snapshot ...

Scholarly Communication

Emily Ford

Human inquiry in scholarly communication

Reconnecting with the foundations of research

When I was a young child in Oklahoma, I made up stories to assuage my fear. Those loud and violent thunderstorms that opened up the skies to dump rain and wind and flash powerful electricity, that was just the giants in the sky having a bowling party. I needed something to explain away my fear. I needed something that seemed rational to me, a young child, that would help the anxiety, the feelings. Understanding something, the way I knew how, made it tolerable. As an adult I am much less prone to make up stories, but rather I remain innately curious about how and why things are the way they are and how to contribute improvements ...