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Current Issue: December 2022

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Erin Carney

Let the other departments send you students!

Marketing library services through the tutoring office to increase visibility

Screenshot of the tutoring interface.

As any librarian knows, visibility on campus is an active and ongoing journey. While students might see a library presence at freshmen orientation or remember a one-shot attempt of a total library resource overview from a librarian in a required English course, during the rest ...


Sara McCaslin, Katherine Howell, Laura DeLancey

Library outreach to Living Learning Communities

A case study

Criminology Living Learning Community students view crime scene photos and autopsy photos housed in the WKU Special Collections Library during a class visit. Photo credit: Dr. Crystal Bohlander.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs), defined as “group[s] of students who live together in the same on-campus building and share similar academic interests,” have been proven to be successful in terms ...

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ACRL 2023

Carrie Donovan et al.

Iron City icons

Pittsburghers yinz should know

Mary Roberts Rinehart with stunt plane from the University of Pittsburgh Mary Roberts Rinehart Papers.

The city of Pittsburgh has been inexorably shaped by its people, many of whom have achieved success in ways that are too vast to feature here. In this piece, we will introduce you to four Pittsburghers who were legends and revolutionaries in their own time. They have influenced ...

Scholarly Communication

Kelly A. McCusker, Susan Vandagriff


University of Colorado Libraries’ Scholarly Communication Interest Group

In summer 2019, the University of Colorado Libraries created a Scholarly Communication Interest Group (SCIG) to exchange knowledge about and promote services for scholarly communication. This interest group replaced a group that had created and managed an online tutorial titled “Publish, Not Perish,” which was being discontinued. The libraries’ deans and directors called for a new University of Colorado (CU) System–level Scholarly Communication Interest Group that would coordinate cross-campus efforts. The interest group would ...

ACRL 2021-2022 Annual Report

Academic Library Workers in Conversation

Annmarie Magurany, Elizabeth Dill

BIPOC librarians and retention

Mentorship and supportive relationships in the workplace

Academic Library Workers in Conversation is a bimonthly C&RL News series focused on elevating the everyday conversations of library professionals. The wisdom of the watercooler has long been heralded, but this series hopes to go further by minimizing barriers to traditional publishing with an accessible format. Each of the topics in the series were proposed by the authors and they were given space to explore. We encourage you to follow and share these conversations about transforming libraries with ideas from the front lines. This issue’s conversation ...