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Current Issue: June 2018

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Henle, Jaquez, and Gray

Visualizing virtual users through art

Usage statistics in outreach and marketing

Installation at Miller Library from the North Door. Photo by Michelle Reed.

Most modern academic libraries have physical and virtual spaces—and patrons. Physical users can be hard to miss, but virtual users often leave only traces behind. It’s all too easy, and misleading, to assess library use based on bodies in chairs. ...


Dowling, Wright, and Bailey

Academic collaboration for experiential learning

Perspectives on using archival collections and information literacy in history education

A Bronze Horse Control Piece

Abigail P. Dowling designed a second-year lower-division course at Mercer University in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations for fall 2017 geared towards ...

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Kai Alexis Smith

Popular culture as a tool for critical information literacy and social justice education

Hip hop and Get Out on campus

We live in a politically polarizing climate and at a time when there is great economic and social unrest in the United States. Our current moment brings to my mind other periods ...


Ornat and Moorefield

Process mapping as an academic library tool

Five steps to improve your workflow

The academic library is a complex organization whose staff executes numerous processes each day to deliver materials and services in a timely manner to patrons. A process where tasks, information, or documents are passed from one participant to the next is called a workflow. Libraries use workflows to coordinate tasks between people and departments and create an efficient progress of work. Interlibrary loan shipping, electronic serials acquisition, damaged item repairing, and reference desk referrals are just some of the hundreds of workflows within the academic library. When diagrammed, these workflows provide valuable information in visual form ...


Mross and Riehman-Murphy

A place to study, a place to pray

Supporting student spiritual needs in academic libraries

Signage at Penn State-Harrisburg Library prayer space.

Have you stumbled across a student using a tucked-away space in your library to pray? Maybe library staff have seen students ...

Scholarly Communication

Thomas G. Padilla

Collections as data

Implications for enclosure

In recent years a growing amount of interest has been dedicated to collections as data. A collections as data paradigm seeks to foster an expanded set of research, pedagogical, and artistic potential predicated on the computational use of cultural heritage collections. Collections as data raises the question of what it might mean to treat digitized and born digital collections as data rather than simple surrogates of physical objects or static representations of digital experience. ...

Examples of work pursuing this question are growing. Project AIDA uses machine learning to identify and subset poetry from the pages of nearly 200 years of digitized historic newspapers.