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Welcome to the February 2017 issue of C&RL News. Working with first-year experience courses is a staple of many library instruction and information literacy programs. Irina I. Holden writes about her experiences at the University at Albany in “Expanding instruction beyond library topics” through teaching a first-year course on sustainability issues this month.

Librarians at DePaul University recently took a long-term holistic look at their work with first-year programs and reworked their instructional models. Jessica Alverson and Jennifer Schwartz detail their efforts at “Successfully collaborating to revamp first-year instruction” and provide a blueprint for critical examination of any instruction program.

This month’s issue features two Scholarly Communication columns related to ethics issues. First, regular columnist Nancy Sims discusses “Rights, ethics, accuracy, and open licenses in online collections” in her latest essay. Secondly, Sarah Crissinger writes about her experiences putting on a campus seminar covering “Access to research and Sci-Hub” at Davidson College.

Scholarly communication issues are also the focus of a special issue of ACRL’s online-only research journal College & Research Libraries released this month. Editor Wendi Kaspar provides an overview of the issue in this month’s C&RL Spotlight column.

Also this month we continue our look at the upcoming ALA/ACRL elections with statements from José Aguiñaga and Lauren Pressley, candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect. Participate in the future of your association by voting for the candidates of your choice in the election beginning March 13.

ACRL 2017 in Baltimore is fast approaching! In the final article on our host city, Liz Johns and Danielle Whren Johnson provide a look at the city’s dining scene in “Beyond crab cakes: Charm City’s culinary culture.” We look forward to seeing you this March in Baltimore.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including an Internet Resources article on “Library support for accreditation” by Tom Schmiedel and our latest The Way I See It essay, “Inukshuks: A librarian’s narrative” by Junli Diao.

Thanks as always for reading the News!

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