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Welcome to the February 2011 issue of C&RL News. Despite personal opinions of the current crop of TV reality shows such as Real Housewives and Jersey Shore, popular culture can be used as a tool to reach today’s college students. The recent controversy over Jersey Shore cast member Snooki bumping the Newberry and Caldecott Medal winners from the Today Show can spur discussion about media coverage of the arts. And reality shows like Jersey Shore can even be used as tools in the library instruction classroom as Amy Springer and Kathryn Yelinek discuss in their article “Teaching with The Situation.”

While the word disaster could be used to jokingly describe some reality programming, the impact of physical disasters can be a real concern for academic librarians. Jo Ann Calzonetti and Victor Fleischer advise us to “Don’t count on luck, be prepared,” based on their experiences with flooding at the University of Akron.

Leadership and management are two important aspects of many academic librarians jobs. In this issue, Kate Burke and Belina Lawrence describe their experiences and impact managing student assistants in “The accidental mentorship.” Eric C. Shoaf also touches on the topic of leadership this month, discussing lessons learned from a recent management book in his essay “On leading and being led.”

Reaching out to your off campus local community can be a great way to build partnerships and increase the reach and impact of library programs and services. Librarians from the University of Michigan share their success in creating “A transformational outreach program for an academic health sciences library.”

Make sure to check out the other features and columns this month, including Internet Resources on Arctic research, great dining options at ACRL 2011 in Philadelphia, and statements from the 2011 candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect.

Thanks, as always, for reading the News.

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