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Michigan celebrates 70 years of papyrology

The Graduate Library at the University of Michigan is cel- ebrating 70 years of having a world-ranked collection of ancient manuscripts on papy- rus. The collection, ranked fifth in the world, contains some 10,000 pieces of which only about one-fifth have been published. The Univer- sity of Michigan papyri date from about 1000 B.C. to 1000 A.D., but the majority date from the third cen- tury B.C. to the seventh century A.D. and all come from the Nile valley. The collection in- cludes many important texts: 30 leaves belong- ing to the earliest known copy of the Epistles of Saint Paul (about 200 A.D.); one of the ear- liest copies of the so-called “Shepherd of Hermas”; several fragments of the Homeric epics; little known works of Greek dramatic writers like Aristophanes, Euripides, and Menander; and documents of other Greek writ- ers including Xenophon, Demosthenes, Isocrates, Aristotle, and the mathematician Euclid. The collection is being digitized and its images stored electronically with plans for a databank of information about all of the pa- pyri.

CNI discusses network navigating

Over 350 individuals from 200 institutions and organizations attended the Spring 1992 meeting of the Coalition for Networked Information Task Force on March 24-25, 1992, in Washington, D.C. The topic of the meeting, “Network Navigating and Navigators,” offered participants the opportunity to interact with inventors of network navigational tools, systems, and services as well as consider the need for human resource research and development. Participants also discussed the NREN and met with their working groups. A fuller report from ACRL’s representatives to CNI will appear in a future issue of C&RL News. The next meeting of the Task Force will take place November 19-20, 1992, in Washington, D.C. Contact Joan Lippincott, coalition assistant director, for details at e-mail: (Internet) or joancni@umdc.bitnet or phone: (202) 232-2466.

WLN database will be available via Internet

Beginning July 1, 1992, WLN will provide access to its bibliographic database through the Internet. Ac- cess will be via WLN’s command language includ- ing keyword and phrase searching of authors, titles, subjects, and series; bool- ean, truncated, and browse searching; and an easy ac- cess mode with menus, help screens, and credit card billing. The WLN database currently contains nearly 7.5 million bibliographic records and over 16 million hold- ings.

Tennessee hosts Ecuadorian librarians

Twenty non-English-speaking Ecuadorian librarians attended a six-week training program at the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) last summer. Funded by a grant from a consulting firm specializing in economic and social development projects, the program trained participants in technical librarianship with an emphasis on automation. UTM librarians served as instructors—their presentations given by translators. “This was a memorable and rewarding experience for both teachers and students,” said Joel A. Stowers, director of the library at UTM.

Ei and SPIE offer new electronic services

SPIE (the International Society for Optical Engineering) and Ei (Engineering Information Inc.) are offering two new information services. Ei/ SPIE Page One™ is a biweekly, browseable listing of tables of contents for 100 optics journals worldwide, plus all available conference proceedings from SPIE, and all relevant proceedings from IEEE. Ei/SPIE Critical Papers, beginning publication in July, is a series of bi-weekly newsletters in five topic areas that bring together relevant abstracts from the Ei Compendex‘Plus database.

Ei Document Delivery Services will provide the full-text document of any SPIE citation in Ei/SPIE Page One or Ei/SPIE Critical Papers by fax or via Internet with a one-hour turnaround. Ei has also joined the OCLC Document Supplier Program.

Rutgers and BYU test CitaDel™

Rutgers and Brigham Young universities, members of the Research Libraries Group (RLG), will preview the new citation and document- delivery services CitaDel offered by RLG. From April 6-May 22 the universities are providing their campuses with unlimited online access to four CitaDel Premium files: ABI/INFORM, Periodical Abstracts, Newspaper Abstracts, Ei Page One™, and a Special file: Current Biography in the History of Technology. CitaDel’s Premium files are commercial citation databases that, for a fixed annual fee, can be searched without limit. One search interface is used for searching all CitaDel files and full- text copies of most of the cited articles are available and can be delivered to institutions or individuals.

“We anticipate being able to substitute CitaDel access on the campus network for many of the stand-alone CD-ROM services we now subscribe to,” said Joanne R. Euster, Rutgers’ vice-president for university libraries. “The net result will be vastly greater convenience for our students and faculty with little if any increased cost.”

“With over 65% of our materials budget committed to serials, we’ve been concerned with the tedious steps required to access this literature. … With the same search protocol for all its files, CitaDel overcomes a chronic obstruction to electronic research—the necessity to learn a different search strategy for each file searched,” said Sterling J. Albrecht, university librarian of the BYU Library.

SUNY Buffalo creates minority internship

The State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) Libraries has created a minority librarian internship to attract individuals from underrepresented groups into the profession of academic librarianship. Each intern will participate in a three-year program of study that includes completing an MLS and a two-year visiting appointment as a member of the Undergraduate Library faculty. Two interns will be supported in the 1992-93 academic year. Each will receive full-tuition scholarship to the UB School of Information and Library Studies, a $7,500 sti- pend, and a $25,000 per year salary during their two-year ap- pointment. For in- formation contact: Glendora Johnson- Cooper, (716) 636- 2943; e mail:uglg jc@UBVM.bitnet.

One of the octagonal towers in the new Miles-Smith library which was added to the main Williston Memorial Library at Mount Holyoke College

Ch'ing dynasty materials cataloged

The East Asia Li- brary at the Univer- sity of Washington (UW) completed cataloging of 3,020 titles of Ch’ing dy- nasty essays and local gazetteers. The records were input into OCLC. MARC tapes of the bibliographic records will be sent to the Library of Congress, Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), and Western Library Network (WLN) free of charge. Other research organizations may obtain the tape for a fee. The records will also be accessible through the Internet when they are loaded into the UW Reference Library (UWREFLIB) later this year. Twelve hundred of the volumes were microfilmed for dissemination.

Mount Holyoke dedicates library

The $15.3 million renovation and expansion of the Williston Memorial Library at Mount Holyoke College was dedicated on April 5, 1992. The Graham Gund-designed project, which took five years to complete, added a new seven-level science library to the original library and renovated and redesigned the main library to include a three-story skylit court entryway. A copper-sheathed skywalk connected the main and science libraries to the refurbished Dwight Computing and Information Center. The Miles-Smith Science Library consolidates six science collections of 110,000 volumes and periodicals from five satellite libraries and the main library.

ACRL seeks Oberly Award nominations

Nominations are being accepted for the Eunice Oberly Memorial Award for Bibliography in the Agricultural Sci- ences adminis- tered by ACRL’s Science and Tech- nology Section (STS). The dead- line is December 1. Established in 1923, the biennial award is given in odd-numbered years to authors of an outstanding English-language bibliography in the field of agriculture or one of the re- lated sciences in the two-year pe- riod preceding the year in which the award is given. To be eligible for the 1993 award, a bib- liography must have been published in 1991 or 1992. Nominations should be in the form of a letter and should point out the reasons the bibliography should be considered for the award. A copy of the bibliography should accompany the nomination. Send nominations to Amy Paster, Oberly Jury Chair, E205 Pattee Library, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802; (814) 855- 3713. Winners receive a cash prize and a citation. ■

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