Vol 53, No 5 (1992)


Cover Page

This detail of an oil painting, Vista de S. Fran­cisco (View of San Francisco from Rincon Point), signed and dated in 1850 by Augusto Ferran (1813- 1889), is reproduced courtesy of The Bancroft Li­brary, Robert B. Honeyman Jr. Collection. It pro­vides a sweeping view north across the shallow coastal waters of the bay known as Y erba Buena. Shortly after this picture was painted much of the eastern slope of Telegraph Hill was stripped away to provide bayfill, leaving behind the precipitous cliffs which have become a San Francisco land­mark.
Ferran's View of San Francisco is one of three paintings by this gold-rush artist which came to The Bancroft Library in 1963 as part of the 1700- item private collection of pictorial western Ameri­cana amassed by Robert B. Honeyman Jr. The Honeyman Collection at the Bancroft Library is a major research collection of mid-19th-century prints, drawings, and paintings. It also comprises unique collections of earlier exploration drawings such as those created by the Malaspina, Vancouver, Langsdorff, and Rezanov Expeditions.

The Bancroft's Library's Pictorial Collections are comprised of 2,368,762 paintings, drawings, pho­tographs, and other documentary depictions from the earliest recorded images to the present day. They complement the library's printed and manu­script collections of California, the Far Western United States, Mexico, and Central America.