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INTERNET RESOURCES: East Asian studies: Sites to help meet the growing demand for information

by Ching Chang, Sheau-yueh J. Chao, and Belinda Chiang

Ed. Note: Due to space constraints, the full version of this article—with many additional valuable scholarly resources, includ- ing electronic mailing lists, scholarly confer- ences, and e-journals—is available on the Web atń/c&rlnew2.html.

There is a wealth of information on East Asian studies available on the Internet. During the past two decades, there have been significant changes among East Asian countries. The economic growth of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea; the technological development of Japan; the political movements in China; and the recent takeover of Hong Kong by the Chinese government all brought attention to this part of the world. Therefore, the demand for information on these countries has increased.

In addition to regular printed and media sources, the Internet presents a variety of resources on East Asian countries and more are added daily. In view of the vast scope of the East Asian countries and the fast proliferation of good sites, this article offers only a sampling of valuable Internet resources as starting points for further exploration.

We cite resources for the following major countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and Tibet. Based on the interdisciplinary nature, special emphasis has been given to comprehensive sites on countries/regions that have been the focus of recent academic study and research. Non-English sites were not included due to space constraint. Most of the sites selected contain links to other noteworthy sites.

Gateway systems/Meta indexes:

General resources

• East Asia WWW Virtual Library.Edited by Fabrizo Pregadio of the Universita di Venezia, this most comprehensive and constantly updated site is an excellent place to begin for users conducting research on East Asian countries and regions. Access: http:// The site covers:

China. Access:http://www. at/Sinologie/netguide.htm.

Hong Kong. Access:http://www.

Japan. Access: JGUIDE.

Macau. Access: macau/main/menu_e.html.

North Korea. Access:http://www.

South Korea. Access:http://www. duke. edu/~myhan/b_SK. html.

Taiwan. Access:http://peacock. tw/taiwan-wwwvl.html.

Tibet. Access: WWWVL-TibetanStudies.html.

Asia Information Project—Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration Library. This project provides references, news items, and directories of organizations in the East and Southeast Asian countries for researchers in business and economics. The site contains links to business and other important information in China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Korea Republic. Access: libwww/asian/.

Asia Pacific Management Forum. This forum provides updated information about Asian business management with management tips, travel tips, discussions, news, articles, and columns for managers, professionals, and researchers. The site provides rated reviews of Asian business sites. Access: http://

AsianNet. This site provides comprehensive information on Asian business, trade, and products and offers links to individual countries. Access:

Asiaville Home. This site offers links to resources in business and trade, news, arts and culture, travel and shopping, education, and connections to multiple search engines. Access: http ://

Association for Asian Studies. The homepage of the leading society in Asian studies, this site provides information on publications, meetings, seminars, grants, fellowships, etc. for scholars and researchers of Asian studies. The site also offers links to study programs and other aspects of Asian studies. Access: http://www.

The Best of Asia and the Pacific. The site provides an annotated list of recent award-winning sites on East Asian studies. It also contains links to individual Asian country sites, featuring topics of business, history, science, technology, health, environment, culture, religion, entertainment, and many other interesting areas. Access: http://www.

CEAS WWW Resources. Provided by the Council on East Asian Studies of Yale University, this site offers comprehensive coverage of Yale resources and links to other East Asian studies Internet resources. Access: resources.html.

Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL). This homepage provides access to the library catalogs of CEAL member libraries and offers excellent subject guides to art, history, literature, poetry, and many other aspects of individual East Asian countries. Access: ~felsing/ceal/welcome.html.

Duke’s East Asian Collection. This site introduces the East Asian collection of the Perkins Library of Duke University and contains links to East Asian studies’ Web sites; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Asian American studies programs; and student organizations. Access: eac/eac.html.

East and Southeast Asia: Net Resources. Maintained by Robert Y. Eng of the University of Redlands, this site provides an annotated list of Internet resources on East and Southeast Asian regions with particular emphasis on political, cultural, and historical aspects. Access: Departments&Programs/AsianStudiesDept/.

East Asian Institute—Internet Resources (Columbia University). This site offers information on East Asian studies resources in the Columbia University Libraries and other libraries in the United States, comprehensive lists of Web sites, and country resource directories. Access: http://www. netlinks.html.

East Asian Libraries Cooperative World Wide Web. This project was sponsored by Ohio State University, the Japan- U.S. Friendship Commission, the U.S. Department of Education, and Sun Microsystems. It supports research on East Asian studies through the collaboration and development of unique electronic collections by librarians, scholars, and researchers in the field. Access:

East Asian Library (University of Minnesota). This site introduces its collections and resources and contains links to Web sites divided by countries and regions, libraries and collections, and Asian studies centers and programs. Access: http://ealib.

East Asian Resources on the Web. This homepage of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers links to East Asian resources in the libraries, educational institutions, online newspapers, and databases. Access: http://www.library.uiuc. edu:80/asx/links.htm.

East Asian Studies. Maintained by Bob Kieft, this site contains information on East Asian studies, including country resource directories, indexes for East Asian journals and books, and a list of East Asian organizations. Access: http://www.haverford. edu/library/ reference/rkieft/eas.html.

East Asian Studies Center. The East Asian Center of Indiana University at Bloomington provides resources on China, Japan, and Korea for teachers and students at all levels. Access: http://www.easc.

East Asian Studies Internet Resources. Maintained by the East Asian Library of UCLA, this comprehensive site contains information on art, business and economy, philosophy and religions, politics and international relations, and lists of professional associations and academic programs. Certain sites require special language software to view. Access: http://www2. e_asia.htm.

Access to Japanese Studies Internet Resources: libraries/eastasian/japan.htm.

Access to Korean Studies Internet Resources: braries/eastasian/korea.htm.

Access to Chinese Studies Internet Resources: bra ries/eastasian/china.htm.

East Asian Studies Page (Washington University, Seattle). This Web page of the East Asia Library of Washington University provides comprehensive information on East Asian studies. Access: http://weber.u.

Harvard-Yenching Library Home Page. This Web page provides a guide to its resources and links to Harvard Web sites and other East Asian resources. Access: http:// html#Various.

Library of Congress/Country Studies/ Area Handbook Series. The homepage of the Library of Congress/Country Studies contains area studies of over 80 countries, including major East Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. Access:

Mario’s Cyberspace Station. Maintained by Mario Profaca, this comprehensive Web site offers online worldwide news with colorful images sorted by countries and territories. There are many interesting topics, such as war, organized crime, and intelligence. It also provides links to a wide range of topics on individual countries. Access: mainfree.html.

China: Access:http://www.cronet. com/~mprofaca/ne ws024.html.

HongKong: Access:http://www.

Japan: Access: ~mprofaca/news066.html.

South Korea: Access:http://www.

Taiwan: Access:http://www.cronet. com/~mprofaca/news 116.html.

Resources of East Asian Studies (University of Pittsburgh). Maintained by Ming-Kuen Lin and Agnes Wen, this site provides electronic resources on East Asian countries, Asian studies programs, and online library catalogs of the East Asian collections in the academic institutions in the United States. Access: other.htm.

University of Kansas East Library Home Page. Managed by Professor Vickie Fu Doll from the University of Kansas, this site contains links to East Asian bibliographies/guides and comprehensive East Asian studies Internet resources. Access: http://

World Factbook. The World Factbook site covers statistical facts and figures on topics of population, economy, defense, and government. Individual nations’ maps and flags are included. Access: http://www.odci. gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html.

Yahoo! This is a popular search engine, which contains links to Internet resources on Asian countries. Access: http:// Countries.

Individual countries


China Education and Research Network (CERNET). CERNET is China’s first global education and research computer network, which connects the major academic and research institutions in China. It maintains a China homepage with information on news, education, research, etc. Access:

China—DW InfoServer. Maintained by David Wen, this site provides links to Web pages on Chinese history, philosophy, business, travel, and entertainment. It also contains a list of Chinese news groups. Access: http://www. wen/china.html.

China-Home Page. Maintained by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in Beijing, this homepage offers scientific, technical, and business information about China. Access: ~china/ china.html.

China Internet Home Page. This site provides government, business, and travel information in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The major topics include geography, topography, climate, people, language, political structure, statistical data, and regional development plans. Access: http://

China The Beautiful—Chinese Art and Literature. Maintained by Ming L. Pei, this homepage contains resources on Chinese art, culture, language, and philosophy in its China and Chinese Reading Rooms and lists discussion groups and professional associations. Access: http://www.chinapage. org/china.html.

China Today. Maintained by InfoPacific Development, China Infohighway Communications Company, and Beijing Rightway Consulting Company, this site covers a wide variety of information on China with the following major topics: art, science, business, the military, politics, sports, travel, and tourism. Access:

China-Window Home Page. This English/Chinese bilingual site provides links to more than 20 Chinese city and regions. It includes subjects on business and economy, government, news and events, education and science, traditional medicine, and entertainment. Access: window.html.

ChinaLinks for HyperChina Users. Designed by Sinologie Software, this site provides learning resources in the following areas: Chinese language, art, music, entertainment, travel, computing, and many others. It features sites of popular interest each month. Access: ChinaLinks.html.

Chinapages. A bilingual site that offers links to online paintings, company guide, government information, and culture and electronic information. Access: http://3whz.zj.

The complete reference to China/ Chinese related Web sites. Managed by Weiqing Huang, this source contains over 1,000 links to other China/Chinese-related Web sites. The site is updated daily. It is the most comprehensive Web site on the subject area. Access:

Finding News about China. This site provides links to resources regarding the social, political, and economic developments in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Tibet. Links of popular interest include stocks and business data and world news and reports. Access: http://

Marjorie Chan’s ChinaLinks. Maintained by Professor Marjorie Chan of Ohio State University, this site offers annotated links to more than 200 Web sites on Chinese studies. Topics include Asian book publishers, culture, language, electronic texts, netnews, Web radio/TV, software, linguistics, and electronic conferences. Access: http://

Sources: Chinese BizEco. Provided by Stephen Morgan, this site offers access to the statistical, economic, and business information related to China. It also has links to the business information in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Access: http://www. cbe002.htm.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Home Page. Provided by Hong Kong Government Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco, this site offers comprehensive, current information about Hong Kong in business and economy, government, news items and official speeches, infrastructures, and travel and tourism. Access: open.htm.

Hong Kong-Internet. This site has links to the country’s business, education, culture, and travel information and contains a Usenet to facilitate group discussions. Access: xrhknet.html.

Hong Kong Reference. This Web page provides electronic references to Hong Kong’s news items, facts and maps, history and documents, government agencies, research organizations, and travel reports. Access:

Hong Kong WWW. This site contains a comprehensive overview of Hong Kong, its current events and news, statistics, organization, business, education institutions, sports and entertainment. Access: http://

Index (Hong Kong). Maintained by the government of Hong Kong, this site provides an official gateway to general information about Hong Kong and contains links to Hong Kong’s chief executives, government and official organizations, topical information, news updates, statistics, notice boards, and other overseas links. Access: http://


Bridge to Japan. Maintained by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, the site contains comprehensive links to Japanese information resources. Access: http://www.daiwa-

Gateway Japan. Maintained by Gate- way-Japan, a leading electronic resource for accessing information about Japan, this site covers sections on Japanese business, government, travel, and culture. It also provides links to other Asian information sources related to Japan. Access: http://www.gateway-

Inforum Homepage. Provided by Center for Global Communication, International University of Japan, this page offers information on various aspects of Japan studies, including social science, public policy, and corporate activities. Access: http://ifrm.

J-Links Meta-Index. Maintained by Island Telecommunications Corporation, this site offers comprehensive links to Japan-related information, including business and economy, education, science and technology, government, society and culture, health, news, and entertainment. Access: http://

Japan External Trade Organization Homepage (JETRO). JETRO is a Japanese, government-related organization dedicated to promoting trade and economic relations between Japan and other nations. The site provides nearly 400 market reports and is one of the best online resources for trade information about Japan. Access: http://

Japan Information Network (JIN). Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, JIN contains a group of Web sites introducing the society, culture, and many other aspects of Japan. Access: http://

Japan Links. Maintained by M. Kanzaki, this site contains a selected list of links to statistical and analytical information about Japan. Access: lıttp://www.kanzaki. com/jinfo/jlink.html.

Japan Web Guide. Maintained by Forest Linton, this comprehensive site has over 500 Web sites covering topics on music, culture, sports, travel, and government and organization. Access: jguide/noframes2.html.

Japan Window Home Page. This source is the product of a collaboration between Stanford University and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. It includes sections on the Japanese government, science and technology, business, living and travel in Japan, and Japanese news items. Access: http://www

Japanese Information. Maintained by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), this bilingual English/Japanese online almanac contains information on Japanese geography, culture, customs, travel, government, and links to other related Web sites and news groups. Access:

MegaList of Japanese Topics. The Megalist provides a collection of Web sites on Japanese newspapers and magazines, language, art, culture, religion, food, and travel and tourism. Access: ~ceicher/japan.html.

Michael Donnelly’s Internet Resources on Japan. Maintained by Professor Donnelly of the University of Toronto, this Web page includes directories for Japanese government information, political sciences, technology, companies, research institutes, news, and electronic journals. Access: http://

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. This official Web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contains extensive information on Japan’s relations with the world. It includes Japanese Embassy information, policy statements on major issues, transcripts of speeches, press conferences, etc. Access:

Ruka’s Home Page (Guide to Japanese Information Resources on the Internet). Maintained by Ruka Takshashi, this page is a collection of links to all sorts of Japan information, including news items, economy, history, politics, science and technology, and sports. Access: http://www. at/index.html.

U.S.—Japan Links Resources. Provided by Japan-American Society in Seattle, Washington, this page offers highlights of Japanese information in science and technology, education and research, government and business, culture and language, organizations, and Usenet news groups and Listservs. Access: resources.html.

United States Information Service, Tokyo, Japan. Maintained by the United States Information Service Japan, this site offers links to information on current issues, American Center Reference Service, U.S.-Japan exchanges, and U.S. government offices in Japan. Access: http://www.usia. gov/posts/tokyo.

Korea (North and South)

About Korea (Korean Embassy, Washington, D. C.). Provided by the Korean Information Center and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, this Web page features information on official speeches and events, geography, politics, economy, culture, foreign relations, and the military. The site contains weekly and monthly news on North Korea and links to Korean-related Web sites. Access: http://Korea.emb.washington.

Access Korea. Provided by the Korea Society, this site provides online information and education guides and links to geography and travel, culture and society, history, news, trade and business, and other Korean studies Internet resources. Access: http://

Gateway to Korea. Maintained by Network Korea, the site covers news, travel, business, art and entertainment, companies, research opportunities, universities, government and business organizations, and Usenet discussion groups. Access: http://www.

Internet Resources on Korea. Maintained by Kyungmi Chun, a Korea specialist librarian at Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii, this homepage provides links to bibliographies, handbooks, journals, and news items in business and economics, government agencies, history, language, politics, Korean studies centers and programs, associations, and many other resources. Access: internet.htm.

Korea Window. Sponsored by the Korean Overseas Culture and Information Service, this site provides information about the North and South Korea with topics on Korean culture, society, economy, and government activities. Access: http://www.kods.

North and South Korea, COE Country Page. Maintained by Center of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, this site offers disaster and health-related links and sites of interest. Access for North Korea: http://coe.tamc. koreano.htm. Access for South Korea: http:// try/koreaso.htm.


Internet & Macau (University of Macau). The site links to Macau Web servers and sites, including topics of education, government, business, culture, and tourism. Access: html.

Macau Official Homepage. Provided by Macau Government Information Services, this site is available in English, Chinese, and Portuguese and contains information on geography, history, political and judicial systems, economy, tourism, culture, festivities, education, and health. Access: http://www.


Government Information Office (Republic of China). Maintained by the Government Information Office of Taiwan, this site is available in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Russian. It offers current news, culture, history, government activities, and policy relations with mainland China. Access: http://

Information Division, Taipei Economic and Culture Office in New York. Maintained by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, this site provides links to news, current events, government information, education, science and technology, finance, trade, tourism, and many others. Access: http://

YamWeb Navigator—The Taiwan Index. Maintained by Frontier Foundation, this index contains comprehensive Internet resources on Taiwan. The topics include arts, sciences, health, education, humanities, society and culture, companies, computer and Internet, news and information, government and state, and entertainment and recreation. Access:

Free China Review. Founded in 1993, this monthly magazine depicts perspectives and changes in Taiwan. It contains articles, commentaries, review essays, case studies, and book reviews on topics of public interest, such as waste disposal and management, urban planning, national security, photography, business, economics, society, and culture. Access: beat/fcr/0696/index.html.

Interpoetics. Published triquarterly since summer 1997, this magazine contains poetry, translations, research papers, and review essays. It serves as a forum for poets, translators, and scholars of Asia and the Pacific Rim on Asian and East Asian studies. Access: interpoetics/.

Japan Echo. This bimonthly journal was founded in 1973. It features translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today. The subjects include Japanese politics, economy, education, science, business, security, and defense issues. Access:

Road to East Asia. Founded in 1996, this is a quarterly journal on contemporary East Asian literature, published by students at Founders College, York University. Access:


Tibet Online Resource Gathering. Maintained by the international Tibet Support Group community, this large Web site offers information on all aspects of Tibetan politics and culture. It covers Tibet-related Web sites, Tibet support group directory, news and events, human rights and environmental issues, articles and speeches, Tibetan Buddhism, art, films, books, etc. Access:

Tibetan Government in the Exile’s Official Web Site. This official site of the Tibetan Government in Exile contains all the major documents issued by the office. It provides the most current information on the status of Tibet, Sino-Tibetan negotiations, Tibetan culture, worldwide parliamentary resolutions on Tibet, Library of Tibetan works, and archives. Access:

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