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In this issue many of our authors share with us how they are using technology to increase access to information.

Ann Margaret Scholz, Richard Cary Kerr, and Samuel Keith Brown describe Purdue University's development of an interactive computer tutorial that will facilitate the library orientation program (page 346).

Patricia Libutti and Kimberly Kelley discuss how ACRL’s Education and Behavioral Sciences Section has extended its Annual Conference program through the development of a Web site which lists a description of the program, related resources, and includes an interactive portion that gives the program life beyond its time slot during the conference (page 357).

Katie Clark continues the series of Internet resources by highlighting agricultural sites available on the Internet (page 359).

But technology may also cause some concern. Frank Allen and Sarah Watstein offer a point/counterpoint on the value of the library as a physical space. Should the library offer a comfortable space—like so many of the wonderful bookstores springing up around the country? Or is the value of the library its access to information? Or some combination of the two? Check out page 372 for Allen and Watstein’s perceptions.

As long as the library includes a physical space, Kate Ragsdale and Janice Simpson remind us of the importance of emergency plans—especially those that include procedures that address the diverse needs of physically challenged library users (page 351).

This issue also provides two conference reports. Lester Pourciau reviews the Victorian Association for Library Automation Conference on page 368 and Steve McKinzie shares highlights of Harvard University’s “Common Ground” (page 365).

—Mary Ellen K. Davis

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