Vol 57, No 6 (1996)


Cover Page
The Painted Poem featured was made by Ken­neth Patchen (1911-1972) in the 1960s when he was bedridden and in constant pain. On old handmade papers that had once held botanical specimens, Patchen used watercolor, tempera, Easter egg dye, crayons, inks of all kinds, cloth, string, and painted and torn papers to create 150 Painted Poems, now the heart of his ar­chive at the University of California-Santa Cruz (UCSC) Library's Special Collections Depart­ment. Joining these are manuscripts for Patchen's three dozen books of poet1y and prose, letters, painted books, serigraph prints, and pioneering recordings of his poetry read­ings to jazz. The David and Ida Berner Endow­ment for the Kenneth Patchen Archive has been established at UCSC to promote the writer's work.