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Vice-president/ President-elect

Patricia Ann Wandhas been a university librarian at American University in Washington, D.C., since 1989. From 1982-1989, she was an assistant university librarian for public services at the University of Oregon. She also held positions at Columbia University, College of Staten Island, and Wittenberg University.

Patricia Ann Wand

Wand has been an active member of ACRL, chairing the International Relations Committee (1996-97); serving as a member of the 7th National Conference Executive Committee (1993-95); chairing the Government Relations Committee (1993-94); and chairing of the Budget and Finance Committee (1986-88), during which time she served as a member of the ACRL Board of Directors.

She has also served on the ALA Committee of Legislation’s Intellectual Property Subcommittee (1995-97) and on the White House Conference Committee (1989-95).

Wand is active beyond ALA/ACRL, serving as a District of Columbia delegate at National Library Legislative Day in 1995 and 1996, and chairing OCLC’s Advisory Committee on College and University Libraries from 1993- 94. She was president of the District of Columbia Library Association (1996-97) and served on its Board (1993-95). She is also a current member of the Maryland Library Association and was a member of the Oregon Library Association from 1982-89.

Her awards include the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Michigan in 1992, and the Fulbright Senior Lecture Award in 1989.

She is an active Choice reviewer and author. Her recent publications include “Copyright and fair use: Maintaining a balanced environment ” (Intercom‚ 1997) and “Commentary: Technological change, intellectual property, and academic libraries; an outline of the issues” (Science Communication, 1995.).

Wand has a B.A. from Seattle University, a M.A.T. from Antioch Graduate School, and an MLS from the University of Michigan.

Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson

Betsy Wilsonhas been the associate direc- tor of Libraries for Public Services at the Uni- versity of Washington since 1992. She also serves as executive director of the Leopoldo Cicognara Program (University of Illinois/ Vatican Library). From 1986-92 she was the assistant director of Li- braries for Undergradu- ate and Instructional Services at the Univer- sity of Illinois at Ur- bana-Champaign and held other positions there from 1979-86.

Wilson has been active in ACRL and ALA and currently serves as the co-chair of the Colleagues Committee and as chair of a University Libraries Section’s discussion group. She chaired the Instruction Section from 1991- 92, the Activity Sections Council from 1990- 91, and is currently a member of the Institute for Information Literacy Advisory Group. She also served as an ALA Council member-at- large from 1991-95.

She is very active in other organizations currently serving on the OCLC User’s Council from 1996-2001, the Seattle Educational Pipeline Project’s Advisory Board, and the University of Washington’s Web Initiative Steering Committee. Previously she chaired the IIlinois State Library’s Automation Committee from 1986-90 and served as president of the University of Illinois Library School Association from 1987-88.

She has received numerous awards including the Senior Fellows Institute, 1997; the ACRL/IS Miriam Dudley Bibliographic Instruction Library Award, 1995; and the Library Instruction Roundtable’s Top Twenty Publications Award for 1991.

Her recent publications include “UWired: Enhancing Teaching, Learning, and Technology through Collaboration” ( Collaboration and Instructional Design in a Virtual Environment, 1997) and “The User-centered Library” (RQ‚ 1995). Wilson has also presented numerous papers and poster sessions and now serves on two editorial boards.

Wilson has a B A. from Northwestern University and an MLS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

ACRL Board, Directors-at-Large

Louise S. Sherby,chief librarian, Hunter College Library, Theresa S. Byrd, LRC director, J Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

Lois Cherepon,head of Reference Services, St. John’s University; Rebecca Bernthal, head, C Y Thompson Library, University of Nebraska.

African-American Studies Librarians Section

Candidates not identified at this time.

Anthropology and Sociology Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Suzanne H. Calpestri,head, Anthropology Library, University California, Berkeley; Cathy L. Moore- Jansen, Social Sciences librarian, Wichita State University.

Member-at-Large: Brian A. Quinn‚Social Science librarian, Texas Tech University Libraries; Gregory K. McKinney, reference/collection management librarian, Temple University; James D. Haug, general reference librarian, East Carolina University.

ARTS Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Lorelei Tanji,UCI Fine Arts librarian, University of California, Irvine; Nancy E. Friedland, assistant undergraduate librarian, Columbia University Libraries.

Secretary: Ann Lindell,assistant Architecture/Fine Arts librarian, University of Florida; Ted W. Wygant, reference librarian, Daytona Beach Community College Library.

Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: William Wong,East Asian librarian, University of California-Irvine;

Member-at-Large: Shan An,librarian, assistant curator, New York University.

Community and Junior College Libraries Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Kathryn Chilson O ’Gorman,director, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College; Gregg T. Atkins, director of Library Services, College of San Mateo Library.

Secretary: Rosa S. Burnett,dean, Library Services, State Technical Institute of Memphis; Janet S. Key, director, Library/Media Services.

College Libraries Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Lynn K. Chmelir,college librarian, Linfield College; Michael Ann (Mickey) Zemon, director of libraries, Emerson College Library.

Secretary: Mark E. Cain,director, Information Services & Support, College of Mount Saint Joseph; Jennifer Ross Taxman, head of Public Services, Skidmore College. Member-at-Large: Marilyn J. Mitchell, director, University of Puget Sound; Susan L. Richards‚ director of Library Services, Western State College.

Distance Learning Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Carol M. Moulden,coordinator Off-campus Library Services; write-in candidate.

Member-at-Large: Janet Feldman,(membership expire 6-30-98, e-mail sent 9-18); Richard Wood, director, Sam Houston State University; Leslie Wykoff Vancouver campus librarian.

Secretary: Elizabeth E. Orgeron,reference/ Off-Campus Service librarian Southeastern Louisiana University; write-in candidate.

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect:; Lorna M. Lueck,Reference Services, University of California.

Secretary: Jody Bales Foote‚ associate professor, Southern Illinois University; Lorene R. Sisson, Media Curriculum, San Jose State University.

Member-at-Large: Barbara J Celone,head, Cubberley Library, Stanford University; Kay Womack, University of Oklahoma Libraries, head, Reference Department.

English and American Literature Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: John Tofanelli,resource services librarian, The Johns Hopkins University; William Wortman, Miami University. Secretary: Steve Ennis, curator, Literary Collections, Emory University Libraries; Roberts. Means, English Literature librarian, Brigham Young University.

Member-At-Large: Heather Martin,Arts & Humanities librarian, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Judy Reynolds, coordinator, Library Instruction, San Jose State University.

Instruction Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Karen A. Williams,team leader for the Social Science Team, University of Arizona; Carol A Wright, reference librarian, Pennsylvania State University Libraries.

Secretary: Elizabeth H. (Betsy) Parks,head, Reference Department, University of Memphis; Kristin R. Ramsdell, Information & Interpretive Services librarian, California State University.

Member-at-Large: Marilee Birchfield,Reference Department, University of South Carolina; Keith E. Gresham, reference librarian, University of Colorado.

Law and Political Science Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Janice Lewis,reference librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University; Lisa Stimatz, Public Affairs/Govern- ment Information librarian, Penn State Uni- versity-Harrisonburg.

Member-at-Large: Madison Mosley,associate director, Stetson University College of Law; Barbara Norelli, Social Science/Government Documents librarian, Skidmore College. Secretary: Wendell Barbour, vice president for Information Resources, California State University—Bakersfield; write-in candidate.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Mark. G. Dimunation,curator of Rare Books, Cornell University Library; Robert L Maxwell, assistant cataloger of Rare Books, Brigham Young University.

Member-at-Large: Jean W. Ashton,director of Rare Books & Manuscript, Columbia University Libraries; Peggy E. Daub, head, Special Collection & Arts Libraries, University of Michigan Library.

Secretary: Thomas L. Amos,head, Special Collections, Western Michigan University Libraries; D. Bruce Whiteman‚ head librarian, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.

Slavic and Eastern European Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Mieczslaw (Mischa) Buczkowski,Slavic librarian, University of Oregon; Grazyna Slanda, acting head, Slavic Division, Harvard University.

Member-at-Large: Maria Borysiewicz,University of Colorado/Boulder; Diana Greene, Acquisition/Collection Development & Catalog, New York University.

Science and Technology Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Julia Gelfand,Applied Sciences librarian, University of Califor- nia-Irvine; Julie Hurd, science librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago. Secretary/Member-at-Large: KathleenFix” Fleming‚ reference coordinator, Wayne State University; Amy Shannon, head, Life and Health and Physical Sciences Libraries, University of Nevada, Reno.

University Libraries Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Elaine K Didier,interim director, Academic Outreach, University of Michigan; James J. Kopp, executive director, Portals, Portland, Oregon.

Secretary: John Lehner.; liaison librarian, Arizona State University West; Marc Meola, reference librarian, Temple University.

Member-at-Large: Betsy Baker,head, Reference, Northwestern University Library; Ilene F. Rockman, associate dean, California Polytechnic State University; Jeanne G. Sohn, director, Library Services, Central Connecticut State University; Charles Wilt, Budget & Planning manager, University of Texas at Arlington.

Western European Specialists Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Jeffrey Garrett,Bibliography Western Languages & Literatures, Northwestern University Library; Marje Schuetze-Coburn, University of Southern California.

Secretary: Ming jian,catalog librarian, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Marianna McKim, Yale University.

Member-at-Large: Laura Dale Bischof,assistant librarian, University of Minnesota;

Katalin Radies,West-European bibliographer, University of California, Los Angeles.

Women’s Studies Section

Vice-Chair/Chair-elect: Emily Silverman,reference librarian, University of Massachusetts; Theresa Tobin, head Humanities & Dewey librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Secretary: Charlene Hovatter,Reference Area supervisor, University of Pittsburgh; Sandra River‚ Current Periodicals/Micro librarian, Texas Tech University Libraries. Member-at-Large: May Montaser Jafari, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Library; Dolores Fidishun, head librarian, Penn State Great Valley Library. ■

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