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Jane Hedberg

NINCH digital guide

The first edition of the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage’s NINCH Guide to Good Practiœ in the Dtigital Representation and Management of Cultural Materials is available in two online formats, PDF and HTML. The 242-page PDF guide was produced by NINCH in collaboration with the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute of the University of Glasgow. It covers project planning, selecting materials, rights management, digitization and encoding of text, capture and management of images, audio/video capture and management, quality control and assurance, working with others, distribution, models for long-term funding, assessment of projects by user evaluation, digital asset management, and preservation. It also includes references, a bibliography, three appendices, and the interview reports on which the guide is partly based.

The print-friendly PDF is available at http:// and the original HTML is available at ties/ninchguide/.

Sound savings

A 2 1/2-day symposium, “Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections,” will be held July 24-26, 2003, in Austin, Texas. Presentations include “Where are We Today? What are the Key Issues?” by Sam Brylawski of the Library of Congress, “Media Types and Problems” by Sarah Stauderman of the Smithsonian Archives, “Surveying Audio Collections” by Hannah Frost of Stanford University, “Risk Reduction Through Preventive Care, Handling and Storage” by Alan Lewis of the National Archives and Records Administration, “The Current Market and Options for Rescuing Endangered Sound Recordings” by Karl Miller of the University of Texas-Austin, “The LC/ Culpeper Digital Audio Preservation Prototyping Project” by Carl Fleischauer of the Library of Congress, “Understanding and Managing Rights Issues for Sound Recordings” by Georgia Harper of the University of Texas-Austin, and “Training and Education: Preservation Education Beyond Paper” by Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa of the University of Texas-Austin.

This symposium is jointly sponsored by the Preservation and Conservation Studies program of the School of Information at the University of Texas-Austin, the Library of Congress Preservation Directorate, the National Recording Preservation Board, and the Association of Research Libraries.

Registration costs $325. For more information, contact Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, Preservation and Conservation Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station, D7000, Austin, TX 78712-0390; phone: (512) 471-8287; fax: (512) 471-8285; e-mail: e.cunnk@mail.; URL: http://www.ischool.utexas. edu/~soundsavings/index.html.


The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) has produced Playback Preserving Analog Video, an interactive DVD about the technical practice of video restoration. It allows viewers to examine the processes used by artists, conservators, and video engineers when reconstructing video artwork. The DVD has three sections, a primer about analog video, a preservation case study, and The Eternal Frame, the video featured in the case-study.

The DVD costs $35, plus shipping and handling. For more information or to order, contact the BAVC, 2727 Mariposa Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94110; phone: (415) 558-2123; fax: (415) 861-4316; e-mail:; URL: http://www.bavc. org/training/dvd/playback.htm.

BL bookbindings

The British Library has mounted a visual database of historical bookbindings from its collections. Descriptions of the volumes, plus thumbnail, standard, and enlarged color images, are provided for each entry. Entries can be searched by keyword, bookbinder, previous owner, country of origin, cover material, cover color, method of decoration, and style.

The URL is index.asp. ■

Jane Hedberg is preservation program officer at Harvard University Library, e-mail:; fax: (617)496-8344

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