Vol 64, No 5 (2003)


Cover Page
The cover illustration is from the Marjorie Pickthall Manuscript Collections in the Special Collections of the Victoria University at the University of Toronto's E. ]. Pratt Library. Pickthall (1883-1922) was a Canadian author, artist, and musician who also worked at the Victoria University Li­brary for a time. She produced illustrations to accompany her poems and stories. The collection includes illustrated cards and drawings she sent to her friends. E.]. Pratt Library's collection includes nearly 250,000 items and contains books, periodicals, documents, pamphlets and specialized material, which support undergradu­ate studies at Victoria University. Included in the library's Special Collections are works by and about E. J. Pratt, Northrop Frye, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Virginia Woolf/Bloomsbury, John Wesley, and others. For more informa­tion on the E. J. Pratt Library and its collec­tions, visit: http:/ /library.vicu.utoronto.ca/.