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Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Susana Hinojosa, University of California, Berkeley, chairs ACRL 's Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee; e-mail:


The ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee is very pleased to announce the cre- ation of a new listserv,

EQUILIBRN. In the few months this listserv has ex- isted and been tested, it has more than adequately func- tioned as an electronic mail discussion group for librar- ians interested in ethnic and racial issues in the profes- sion. EQUILIBRN is intended to be a forum that supports the sharing of information and provides for dis- cussion of ethnic issues, especially in academic libraries. To date, some topics that have ap- peared on EQUILIBRN include: calls for mis- sion statements on diversity; information on ALA Midwinter Meeting events; news on programs and bibliographies developed by libraries across the U.S.; and job announcements that concern ethnic library service positions.

To subscribe: send a mail message to LISTSERV@FULLERTON.EDU. Leave the subject of the message blank. The first line of text should state: Subscribe EQUILIBRN your first name last name.

Thanks to Ron Rodriquez of California State University at Fullerton for helping the committee create EQUILIBRN.


Chicano/LatinoNet (CLNET) is a gopher-based system, not a listserv like EQUILIBRN. CLNET brings together Chicano/Latino research, and linguistic minority and education research that is being carried out at the University of California (UC) and elsewhere. CLNET is a joint project of the Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) at UCLA and the Linguistic Minority Research Institute at UC-Santa Barbara to provide access to networked information of interest to the Latino community. To access CLNET you must have a gopher client at your end. Gopher is available on most campuses. Follow these steps: 1) log on to your network account; 2) at mail command type: gopher latino.sscnet. This should con- nect you with CLNET.

For assistance with using CLNET contact the CSRC at (310) 206-6052. Suggestions and/or questions can be sent by e-mail to Richard Chabran at: chabran@latino.

Info Lib

The UC-Berkeley (UCB) Library gopher, InfoLib, may be used by anyone with ac- cess to a gopher client. Access to restricted databases in InfoLib will, how- ever, be blocked to external users. Readers of this column should be interested in reviewing the material and information currently listed in the InfoLib ethnic studies section.

To reach InfoLib via gopher, use the following address:, port 70. Once you are in InfoLib select: 6. Research Databases and Resources by Subject. From this listing select: 16. Ethnic Studies.

The Ethnic Studies section includes information about CLNET and EQUILIBRN. In addition, the section now includes an annotated listing of videos on ethnic studies from the UCB Library Media Resources Center. The current four video lists (some also include spoken word materials on cassette) are: “African-American Studies”; “Asian, Pacific, & South Asian American Studies”; “Chicano Studies”; and “Indigenous Peoples of North & Central America.” The lists can be easily printed or mailed to your e-mail accounts for your acquisition purposes. Note: The videos are not available through ILL.

For further information about the videos, contact Gary Handman at ghandman@

This Ethnic Studies section is actively being developed. Plans include the addition of the two latest UCB Library acquisitions in ethnic studies/American cultures. This list includes materials for the UCB Library system plus the three on-campus Ethnic Studies Libraries. In addition, the section will soon include the text of the library’s seven Quick Bibliographies (pathfinders) that focus on ethnic groups. For information about the acquisitions list and Quick Bibliographies, contact Susana Hinojosa at

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