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Ann-Christe Young

The University of Rochester has received a gift of $500,000 from Martin E. Messinger, a university trustee who received his undergraduate degree in 1949. The gift will allow for the complete renovation of the library’s main periodical reading room to be named the Martin E. Messinger Periodical Reading Room. Plans call for refinishing the walls and tables, installation of new electrical wiring with data lines, replacement of the florescent ceiling lights added in the 1960s with new pendant lighting to resemble the original 1930s fixtures, as well as the addition of a new floor surface and furniture.

The University of California, Santa Cruz, has received an award of 800,000 yen (approximately $8,000) from the Japan Foundation’s Library Support Program. The grant will be received in the form of an in-kind gift of more than 100 English-language titles in Japanese studies. The grant is given to two dozen institutions each year to support the expansion of Japanese studies collections. While the university library houses a substantial holding in East Asian studies, the grant will expand the collection significantly, especially in the areas of Japanese art, literature, history, philosophy, and religion.

The University of Iowa's School of Library and Information Science has received a $60,000 grant from Rockwell International to research and develop a high-tech search engine for the Web. The grant money will support a new technique called the Adaptive Web Agent for Environmental Scanning. “The Adaptive Web Agent will have three basic abilities,” said Padmini Srinivasan, director of the School of Library and Information Science and the principal investigator of this two-year research project. “First, the agent will scan and identify relevant information according to user profiles. Second, the agent will be able to remove irrelevant entries from retrieved results. Finally, the relevant information will be automatically summarized and routed to the relevant user group.”

Southern Methodist University is the recipient of two gifts to process the papers of Stanley Marcus and Erik jonsson. Marcus, whose family founded Neiman Marcus, is recognized as a trendsetter in high-end retail marketing, and is still an active civic leader at the age of 93. Gifts totalling $60,000 will make possible the processing of the Marcus Archive and the publication of a guide to the collection. Jonsson was the cofounder and president of Texas Instruments and also served as the mayor of Dallas from 1964-70. During his tenure in public office, he guided the development of D-FW Airport, now a major economic factor in Texas and the Southwest. Gifts of $50,000 per year for two years will provide for the processing of the Jonsson Archive and preparation of a printed guide.

Furman University and Wofford College in South Carolina, have received a grant of $675,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This funding will support a continuing program of collaborative use of advanced information technology in a number of areas, including the libraries. The program was established under a previous grant from the Mellon Foundation in 1995. The new grant will provide funds for the creation of an information technology librarian position who will work half- time on each campus. This specialist will enhance technology-related public services, provide training in the use of information technology to faculty, staff and students, and coordinate expanded cooperative programs between libraries and the two institutions. He or she will also provide support for faculty-student information technology development teams.

SUNY Buffalo faculty have been awarded a two-year Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program grant through the Division of Undergraduate Education of the National Science Foundation. Nancy Schiller, associate librarian in the Science and Engineering Library, and Clyde Herreid, distinguished teaching professor in the Biological Sciences Department, have been awarded $119,000 of funding for a two-year period. The focus of the grant is on fostering case study teaching in the sciences. The project involves an annual workshop for college science faculty who receive intensive training in writing using case studies to teach science to undergraduates. The projects will be mounted on the Web at <http://ublib. case.html›, developed with NSF support as a national clearinghouse for science case studies.

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Edmund Spenser's The Shepheardes Calender(London: Hugh Singleton, 1579) has been acquired by the Folger Shakespeare Library. The items has been described as “of the highest rarity, ” being one of seven extant copies, and the only one with the final quire in an early, uncor- rected state. It is Spenser’s earliest important work and consists of 12 eclogues, one for each month of the year, written in different meters. They are presented as dialogues among shepheards, and tell the story of Colin Clout, the lovelorn shepherd, who laments the cruel treatment of his beloved Rosalind through the seasons. The volume, the last copy of the first edition in private hands, was acquired through a gift/purchase arrangement with James O. Edwards, a Folger friend and former trustee.

The papers of Ernest V. Joiner, newspaper editorial writer and editor, have been acquired by Texas Tech University (TTU) in Lubbock. The collection, dating from 1911, contains six boxes of correspondence, awards, photographs, speeches, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and newspaper editorials Joiner collected or authored. The bulk of the collection includes editorials Joiner authored between 1972-91. He began his career in 1955 by purchasing the struggling Ralls Banner. His controversial editorial columns brought state and national attention to the paper, transforming it into a success. He sold the Ralls Banner in I960 and went to work as editor at Modern Veterinary Practice. He left there and purchased the Heppner Gazette-Times, then sold that paper, and purchased the Sebastol Times.}oiner earned his bachelor’s degree from TTU in mass communications.

The Shepheardes Calender

The Muskoka Lakes Association's (MLA) archives were acquired by the University of Waterloo Library in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The MLA was organized in 1894 by a group of summer cottagers, and since then has worked on behalf of permanent and part-time residents of Lakes Muskoka, Rousseau, and Joseph. The papers document the issues of interest to the association over the last century, which have included political and environmental concerns.

The collection of Joseph Wolpe has been acquired by the University of Southern California’s libraries. The late South African- born American psychiatrist helped usher in behavior therapy by devising a treatment to desensitize phobia patients by exposing them incrementally to images of their fears. Highlights of the Wolpe archives include his reports on his systematic desensitization studies with cats; audiotapes of a successful 16-session treatment with an intensely phobic client who was socially paralyzed by fear of fainting in public; correspondence with Skinner and others in the behavior therapy field; and videotapes of an extensive 1994 Wolpe interview.

The General José de San Martín book collection has been donated to the University of Southern California by the San Martín Society of the San Fernando Valley. The more than 200 books relate to the life of San Martín (1778- 1850), one of the great liberators of the Americas. The collection includes descriptions of San .Martín’s crossing of the Andes in 1817 to defeat the Spaniards at Santiago, Chile; a first-person account of the historic meeting between San Martín and Bolivar in 1822; a history of San Martín’s sabre; facsimiles of hand-drawn battle plans; histories of the wars of independence; and collections of San Martín’s correspondence. ■

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