Vol 59, No 10 (1998)


Cover Page
A stunning vision of Little Red Riding Hood, marking the classic fairy tale's 300th anniversary, is the image for the official poster of Miami Book Fair International's 15th Anniversary Edition-"Celebrating the Magic of Books." Created by artist Laurel Long, the poster has the style of a Renaissance painting, portraying the characters from the beloved children's tale in sophisticated, highly detailed imagery and warm, deep colors such as garnet, amber, ochre, olive, charcoal, azure, ivory, and turquoise. Miami Book Fair International will present its 15th Anniversary Edition November 15-22, 1998, on the Miami-Dade Community College's Wolfson Campus, as one of the largest literary events in America. All events at Miami Book Fair International are free and open to the public. For more information, call the Book Fair office at (305) 237-3258. Or check out their Web site: www.mdcc.edu/bookfair/.