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Technology continues to play a major role in our libraries and services. In this issue we offer a number of ideas for enhancing services through technology.

Wei Ma and Joyce Wright take an old standard—the bulletin board—and give it a Web update (page 772).

Paul Pival and Johanna Tunón share with us how they used NetMeeting to provide instruction to students ofísite (page 758).

Anthony Dedrick describes the Colorado Union Catalog Project (page 754), which will allow patron-initiated borrowing regardless of institution and provide seamless access to collections regardless of location.

Jody Mathias and her community college colleagues could not find an appropriate database to subscribe to that met the research needs of the nursing and rad tech degrees offered. Find out the steps they took in creating a customized Web site (page 768).

We’re all used to Webliographies and linking to other sites, but Carol Casey tells us about Web rings—a new way to compile a list of related sites (page 761).

James Farmer posits that access services librarians need to reinvent themselves and their services before technology renders their traditional services obsolete (page 784).

All of this technology delivers a bewildering array of information to us each day. Being information literate is a skill whose importance is now widely recognized both within and outside the library profession. To address the need for information literacy programs on campus, ACRL’s Institute for Information Literacy announces its first immersion program (page 782). The program is designed to provide instruction librarians with the intellectual tools and practical techniques needed to help your institution build or enhance its instruction program. Attendance at the summer 1999 program is limited to 80 and acceptance is competitive.

Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief

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