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George M. Eberhart

Academic Libraries in Urban and Metropolitan Areas: A Management Handbook,edited by Gerard B. McCabe (288 pages, No- vember 1991), discusses the characteristics of city living and their effect on informa- tion-seeking behavior. This handbook shows how the use of new technologies can assist the urban academic li- brarian in fashioning services for a nonresident faculty as well as a usually older student body composed of many international and part-time students. Other topics covered are resource sharing, setting fees, staff and collec- tion security, environmental pollution, and space requirements. Copies are available for $49-95 from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881. ISBN 0- 313-27536-X.

Cataloging of Audiovisual Materialsby Nancy B. Olson (310 pages, 3rd ed., 1991), contains all recent changes to the Anglo- American Cataloging Rules. This handbook presents photographs and 115 examples of all the materials discussed, accompanied by a comprehensive explanation for processing and cataloging. Types of AV materials included are: maps, atlases, globes, feature films on video, motion pictures, computer software, filmstrips, sound recordings, transparencies, microforms, study prints and charts, kits, realia, slides, activity cards, duplicating masters, and AV serials. Copies are available for $55.00 from Media Marketing Group, P.O. Box 611, DeKalb, IL 60115. ISBN 0-933474-48-2.

The Chinese Language Catalog of the Chicago Public Library(December 1991) is a comprehensive listing of the library’s 5,000 Chinese-language titles. The catalog, made possible by a grant from the Illinois Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA), is available both in published form and as an expandable database that can be accessed through the Chinese/Korean/Japanese OCLC terminal. A copy may be requested from the Chicago Public Library, 400 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60605.

A History of Russian Literatureby Victor Terras (654 pages, 1991), surveys Russian literature as it was perceived by Russian read- ers from its beginnings in the 11th century to the end of the Soviet period. The author examines the politi- cal and social events that shaped and were shaped by the writings of the time. Lit- erary trends, authors, and works are portrayed not only as they may have appeared to contemporaries, but also in terms of the understanding and sensibility of later peri- ods and our own age. A copy may be purchased for $45.00 from Yale University Press, 302 Temple St., New Haven, CT 06511. ISBN 0-300- 04971-4.

Homelessness in Canada: A Selective Bibliographycompiled by Margaret Aquan-Yuen (29 pages, 1991), examines the scope of the problem of the 130,000-250,000 homeless people in Canada today. The focus of this bibliography is on English-language materials published after 1980 and includes monographs, journal articles, government reports, conference proceedings, and theses. Copies may be ordered for $10.00 from the University of Waterloo Press, Dana Porter Library, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1. ISBN 0-920834-15-9-

Library Use: A Handbook for Psychology,by Jeffrey G. Reed and Pam M. Baxter (177 pages, 2d ed., January 1992), is designed for psychology students writing term papers, but others who need to discover the joys of Psychological Abstracts will also find this book extremely helpful. New to this edition are descriptions of PsycBOOKS, Test Critiques, CD-ROM sources, and recent handbooks and encyclopedias. Each chapter features a specific topic (eyewitness testimony, aging, stress) that provides a practical demonstration of research techniques and resources. The handbook costs $19-95 and is available from the American Psychological Association Order Department, P.O. Box 2710, Hyattsville, MD 20784-0710. ISBN 1-55798-144-2.

The Lotus Lovers, by Howard S.Levy (352 pages, January 1992), is the disturbing history of the former Chinese custom of footbinding, a painful practice that deformed women’s feet and prevented them from growing more than a few inches in length. This practice may have begun in the 10th century as a whim of the Imperial court; by the 12th century it had spread to many parts of China as a way of ensuring that women did not stray far from home. The binding became tighter as a woman moved up the social ladder, until women at the apex of society were so crippled that they had to be carried in sedan chairs or on the backs of servants. A sociological study that sheds light on how oppressive male strictures can become if left unchecked. Copies may be ordered for $29-95 from Prometheus Books, 700 E. Amherst St., Buffalo, NY 14215. ISBN 0- 87975-687-X.

Moons of the Solar System: An Illustrated Encyclopedia,by John Stewart (244 pages, December 1991), is a compilation of data and definitions about the Earth’s moon and the 66 other known moons of the solar system. Photographs of many of the moons are included. Hundreds of large and small lunar features are identified in an alphabetical listing that also lists eclipses, lunar spacecraft landings, and the names of the people that the lunar features are named after. Copies are available for $45.00 from McFarland & Co., Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640. ISBN 0-89950-568-6.

Off-Campus Library Services,edited by Barton M. Lessin (242 pages, 1991), contains 18 articles that originally appeared in the 1983-1989 volumes of Central Michigan University’s Off-Campus Library Services Conference Proceedings. Specific topics include: prerequisites for off-campus services; regional accreditation standards; privileges for off-cam- pus faculty; faculty perspectives; Australian, Canadian, and British insights; the development of branch campus services; instructional resources support; and several model library programs. A name and subject index enhance access. Copies are available for $27.50 from Scarecrow Press, P.O. Box 4167, Metuchen, NJ 08840. ISBN 0-8108-2512-0.

The Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors(389 pages, November 1991) is a comprehensive style guide for the presentation of scientific information. Only very short definitions are provided because this guide focuses on usage. It contains tips on how elliptical galaxies are denoted, conventions for distinguishing gene alleles at the same locus, which abbreviations use periods and which do not, spellings of the names of famous scientists, adjectival forms of scientific terms, graphic symbols used in electronics, molecular diagrams, and common abbreviations. Differences between British and American usages are identified. An essential reference book for anyone who writes, edits, or reads scientific literature. Copies may be ordered for $45.00 from Oxford University Press, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016. ISBN 0-19-853920-7.

Preferred Futures for Libraries, byRichard M. Dougherty and Carol Hughes (19 pages, December 1991), reports on the outcome of a series of workshops held on six university campuses in 1991. The workshops explored with small groups of library directors and chief academic officers from some 40 campuses their vision for the future shape of libraries and information resources at their institutions. The report concludes with a call to action to expand discussions to a broader campus community that includes faculty, information technology directors, computing center administrators, publishers, and other information providers to achieve the future vision they share. A free copy of the report may be requested from the Distribution Services Center, Research Libraries Group, 1200 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041-1100.

Salary Setting Policies in ARL Libraries,SPEC Kit #177 (123 pages, September 1991), compiled by the Compensation Committee of the Librarians’ Council at Arizona State University, Tempe, was prepared as part of the ARL/OMS Collaborative Research/Writ- ing Program. The Office of Management Services conducted a survey in June 1991 of 103 ARL libraries to gather information on how libraries determine salaries for new hires and salary adjustments for professionals. The kit contains information and documentation on policies and practices from seven ARL libraries and includes a list for further reading. Copies are available for $33 00 (ARL members, $22.00) from ARI/OMS, 1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036. ISSN 0160-3582.

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