Vol 53, No 4 (1992)


Cover Page

The lithograph "Motherly Care" is by Jean Charlot (189&-1979). Picture Book, the 1933 album in which the print was first published, represents a mile­stone in the history of American offset color li­thography and was the realization of Chatlot's dream of producing affordable, high-quality origi­nal prints from color plates drawn directly by the artist.

The print illustrated is from the Jean Charlot Collection, a unit of the University of Hawaii Li­brary. Included in the Charlot Collection is an al-­most complete set of some 1,000 prints produced by Charlot during a long artistic career in Mexico, the mainland United States, and Hawaii. An un­usual feature of the collection is that many images are represented by the various color "stages" of the print, allowing students to see how Charlot developed the print in a manner similar to fresco painting: first the form, then the lines and details, and finally the overlays of color. The Jean Charlot Collection also includes Charlot's personal papers.
Thanks to Nancy J. Morris, curator, Jean Charlot Collection, for sharing this image with C&RL News.