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When I became editor of C&RL News last year I asked people to tell me what they liked and what they did not like about the magazine. Of the many comments I heard, two were often repeated: “Make the News more readable!” and “The type is too small!”

With this issue I am responding to those comments. We have increased the size of the type and updated the look to deliver to you a more readable magazine. We’re excited about our new look and hope that you find it a pleasing change.

Continuing our look at recruitment in this issue, Patricia Kreitz offers a number of practical, easy-to- implement suggestions for encouraging library staff to pursue careers in librarianship.

Hannelore Rader exhorts librarians to get involved in librarianship at an international level in “The Way I See It.”

This issue offers you an opportunity to become an informed, active ATA/ACRL citizen. Each of the candidates for president and treasurer of ALA have shared with us their plans if elected and we have identified for you those candidates for ALA Council who are ACRL members. “The Time to Lead” article invites your participation in ACRL’s elected offices.

As meetings and conferences proliferate and as travel budgets shrink, it is harder to attend all the events pertinent to our profession. C&RL News hopes to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date with our “Conference Circuit” department. In this issue Paula Murphy and Cheryl Spiese McKee give us brief reports of meetings they have attended.

Be sure to turn to “People in the News” to find out who has been honored with an ACRL award in 1992.

A special note of thanks to the small and dedicated C&RL News staff—Pam Spiegel, Ted Bales, and Reggie Prim—for their hard work and long hours (even though they are only supposed to work part-time) in making this issue a reality.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher U38398@UICVM.bitnet

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