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ACRL President W. Lee Hisle strongly believes that to ensure the health of our profession, librarians must become effective advocates. Under his leadership, efforts have continued to support ACRL’s strategic direction to “maintain at the national level a prominent role in planning and decision making for influencing information policy.” In this issue we share with you some of the strides that ACRL is making in this area, especially in regards to the legislative arena.

At its Midwinter Meeting the ACRL Board of Director’s approved a legislative agenda (page 258) that addresses the Next Generation Internet, intellectual property, and government information.

This issue includes a detailed report on the Next Generation Internet prepared by Rick Weingarten, senior policy analyst at ALA’s Washington Office (page 253). We hope that this gives you the information you need to be an informed participant in the political discussion.

ACRL also wants to support efforts to remind the government of its obligation to create and share easy-to-use information about the government. Examples of local uses of government information are often the most effective means of communicating its value. Carolyn M. Gray, chair of ACRL’s Government Relations Committee, asks you to share with ACRL your use of government information so that we can demonstrate its importance in education, research, and public affairs (page 255).

Speaking of information, while we know it is important, the tremendous amount available can also be daunting. Constance Rinaldo and Karen Odato share their techniques for helping faculty cope with information overload so that they can stay informed and yet “still have a life” (page 248).

Heather Moberly and Amy Paster give us the low down on information about nutrition and vegetarianism available on the Web (page 265).

Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief,

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