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Got Books Here: A Poem

Got books here; lotsa books: books by the score, by the peck or bushel: books.

Getcher books here!

red hot economics, business and sports books; Pete Giddings with die weather in A.V.

Current events, ancient history, latest mysteries, Stephen King— anything.

You want it, we got it: books on tape, on CD-ROM; music and art ala carte. Books here, getcher books!

Got magazines too; newspapers— ain’t no finer bird cage liner— right here, got ’em right here: getcher books.

Sick ’n’ tired of the information superhighway? Getcher books at the information parking lot! Rent by the semester! No charge— just bring ’em back on time: getcher books!

Want science?

We got science.

We got reference.

Poly sci? Bali Hai?

Catcher in the Rye?

Values of pi?

We got ’em:

rock bottom


They’re what we got: you really ought to try 'em— books. We got books here.

—Brian Kunde. Stanford University Libraries (Reprinted with permission of the author)

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