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George M. Eberhart

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art,by Paul G. Bahn (302 pages, March 1998), identifies the purposes and characteristics of preliterate symbols and imagery worldwide. Prehistoric art—especially rock art— constitutes the earliest and most universal form of protowriting and documentation. Bahn chronicles modern attempts to understand it on the literal and the symbolic level. Generously illustrated with rarely reprinted drawings and photographs (many of them the author’s own), this volume provides valuable insight into the minds and the souls of ancient artists. $39-95. Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-45473-5.

Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia,by Steve Hogan and Lee Hudson (704 pages, February 1998), is one of those reference books that contains information found nowhere else with alternative viewpoints on many topics. Described as a guide to “the multifaceted international subculture self-identified lesbians and gay men have cultivated and refined in the second half of the 20th century,” this volume describes individuals, organizations, issues, countries, literature, and culture. Especially important is its commitment to a balance between lesbian and gay male interests, and a historical outlook that puts pre-Stonewall events into perspective. A 73-page chronology ranges from homoerotic Paleolithic artifacts to 1996. $50.00. Henry Holt, ISBN 0-8050-3629-6.

Dictionary of Heresy Trials in American Christianity,edited by George H. Shriver (511 pages, October 1997), describes the details of 50 formal or informal heresy trials in the United States, a country that has prided itself as a refuge from religious persecution. The trials range from colonial times to the 20th century. The largest number of trials involve Baptist churches, but Protestant and Catholic churches are also included. Each entry attempts an objective, historical, and analytical presentation of the major aspects of these trials. An evenhanded book on a seldom-examined topic. $99-50. Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-29660-X.

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Dictionary of Pseudonyms,by Adrian Room (404 pages, 3d ed., April 1998), is a greatly expanded edition of the author’s 1989 edition that now matches 8,000 pseudonyms with their true names. Many entries include the story behind the person’s name change and other biographical details. Room defines pseudonyms loosely and includes nearly any type of name change from Popes to first names only. The seven entertaining introductory chapters have been updated using more recent examples, but the reverse true name-to-pseudonym dictionary has been dropped to accommodate the doubled number of pseudonyms in the dictionary. Appendices list all the pseudonyms used by Voltaire and Defoe and writers with multiple pen names. $55.00. McFarland & Company, ISBN 0-7864-0423-X.

The International Information Directory, 1998-1999(703 pages, January 1998), is a new international adjunct to Congressional Quarterly’s Washington Information Directory, which offers brief descriptions and contact information for 4,000 organizations involved in international affairs. These are primarily federal and congressional offices, private groups or nonprofit associations, and international organizations with an office in the United States, but key overseas offices are also included. The first part of the book is organized by subject (from agriculture to women and families), while the second part is arranged by country and lists contact information for embassies, UN missions, consulates, trade offices, and cultural or political organizations. A comprehensive index makes this resource an essential reference tool. $115.00. Congressional Quarterly Books, ISBN 1-56802-381-2.

Over Lincoln’s Shoulder: The Committee on the Conduct of the War,by Bruce Tap (319 pages, January 1998), examines the performance of the congressional committee established in 1861 to look into military setbacks and Civil War generals who made mistakes. Criticized as a partisan inquisition with little knowledge of military affairs, the committee interrogated some of the most famous commanders (McClellan, Frémont, Grant, Meade, Banks, and Burnside) and investigated such battles as First Bull Run, Ball’s Bluff, Fredericksburg, and the Fort Pillow massacre. Tap reevaluates the committee’s work and shows that it was prone to excess and micromanagement and was essentially a waste of time and resources for the North. $39-95. University Press of Kansas, ISBN 0- 7006-0871-0.

Pan-African Chronology ll,by Everett Jenkins Jr. (572 pages, May 1998), continues the timeline begun with his first book (McFarland 1996) and covers the years 1865 through 1915—an era that saw the rise and fall of Reconstruction, the founding of the NAACP, and an epidemic of lynching in the United States. Like its predecessor, this chronicle also covers black achievements elsewhere, especially in the Americas and Africa. Many entries are supplemented by brief historical accounts that set the events in context. $65.00. McFarland, ISBN 0-7864-0385-3.

Preservation and Archives in Vietnam,by Judith Henchy, offers an overview of neglected and deteriorating Vietnamese historical archives and reports on the efforts of the government to provide funds for preservation and facilities. The report, the latest in a series issued by CLIR’s Commission on Preservation and Access, urges agencies that fund educational development in Vietnam to recognize the primacy of libraries in rebuilding educational capacity. $10.00. Council on Library and Information Resources, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036-2188.

Restructuring Academic Libraries: Organizational Development in the Wake of Technological Change,edited by Charles A. Schwartz (289 pages, 1997), examines the methods that academic libraries are using to develop new assumptions, relationships, and services to accommodate major changes in information storage and retrieval. Published as no. 49 in the ACRL Publications in Librarianship series, these 19 essays discuss misconceptions about virtual libraries (Herbert S. White), repositioning campus information units (Richard Dougherty and Lisa McClure), structured cooperation in networks (Sue O. Medina and William C. Highfill), strategic planning (Douglas Birdsall), and case studies of restructuring at the University of Vermont, Harvard College, the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Penn State, and other libraries. A strong emphasis on boundary spanning (partnering) seems to be the answer to much of this change. $28.00 (ACRL members, $23.50). Association of College and Research Libraries, ISBN 0-8389-3478-1.

Scholarly Book Reviewing in the Social Sciences and Humanities,by Ylva Lindholm-Romantschuk (152 pages, January 1998), shows that reviews are true indicators of scholarly communication and can be used to trace information How from discipline to discipline. Perhaps this short review will contribute to advances in information science scholarship. $55.00. Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-29514-X.

Zora Neale Hurston: An Annotated Bibliography and Reference Guide,compiled by Rose Parkman Davis (210 pages, December 1997), describes the books and articles written about of one of the most important authors of the Harlem Renaissance and one of the first African-American anthropologists. Hurston’s works are listed chronologically in an appendix. Her anthropological study, Mules and Men (1935), was a pioneering examination of voodoo and related folklore, and as a novelist she is best known as the author of Jonah’s Gourd Vine (1934) and Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937). Lists of Hurston Web sites and special collections are provided in an appendix. $65.00. Greenwood Press. ISBN 0-313-30387-8.

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