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CLIR publishes digital image report

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) recently published Stephen E. Ostrow’s “Digitizing Historical Pictorial Collections for the Internet.” This report considers the impact of digital technology on traditional pictorial collections and the ways in which it may be used to advantage. Ostrow specifically addresses the nature of pictorial collections as primary research materials and how digital surrogates can affect that use, with particular attention to digital selection criteria, image resolution, and creation of metadata. A detailed digital project planning checklist and a summary of copyright and other restrictions applicable to images published on the Internet, prepared by Library of Congress staff, are also included.

The report is available for $20, including shipping and handling, from CLIR, 1755 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036-2188; phone: (202) 939- 4750; fax: (202) 939-4765; e-mail: info@ Orders must be prepaid by check, made payable to CLIR.

Update on Bookkeeper mass deacidification process

In January 1998, the Library of Congress (LC) awarded Preservation Technologies Limited Partnership (PTLP), owners of the Bookkeeper mass deacidification process, a fouryear contract. This follows a two-year limited production contract, which deacidified 100,000 books. The new contract not only calls for deacidification of 250,000 to 275,000 books at PTLP’s plant in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, but also for PTLP to provide support services at the library. PTLP staff will, under the supervision of LC staff, pull, pack, ship, and reshelve books selected for treatment. The LC will continue its evaluation of the Bookkeeper process, particularly for nonbook paper formats, and has generously offered to act as a demonstration site, so staff from other cultural institutions may learn about the administrative aspects of a large-scale deacidification project.

In March 1998, the State Archives of the Netherlands selected Bookkeeper as its deacidification process. They, in conjunction with the TNO Center for Paper and Board Research, will also continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the process, particularly for homogeneity of treatment, pH level achieved, and alkaline reserve deposited.

For more information about the LC Project, contact Kenneth E. Harris, preservation projects director, preservation directorate, Library of Congress LM-G21, Washington, D.C. 20540-4500; phone: (202) 707- 1054; fax: (202) 707-3434; e-mail: khar@loc. gov.

Greenfield publishes bookbinding glossary

Jane Greenfield, a well-known conservator, has written and illustrated a new glossary called the ABC of Bookbinding. This 200- page oversize volume, with over 700 illustrations, comprehensively covers the terms related to books and bookbinding, plus provides information about historical book structures and styles.

Copies are available for $35, plus shipping and handling, from Oak Knoll Books, 414 Delaware St., New Castle, DE 19720; phone: (302) 328-7232; fax: (302) 328-7274; e-mail: Order no. 49915-A15. ISBN: 1-884718-41-8.

Digital conference proceedings available

To scan or not to scan: What are the questions? The printed proceedings of its 1996 conference on digital projects in libraries and archives, are now available from the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET). These proceedings cover theoretical issues as well as the practical concerns of funding, project development and management, outsourcing, and copyright. They also include case studies from different types of institutions.

Copies are available for $10 each from Alicia Riley-Walden, SOLINET, 1438 West Peachtree Street N.W., Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30309-2955; phone: (800) 999-8558; fax: (404) 892-7879; e-mail: Orders must be prepaid by check, made payable to SOLINET.

Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions may be made (by the 15th of the month) to Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College;; fax: (781) 283-3690

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