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While most of us would agree that it is important to be information literate and to integrate the teaching of information literacy into the curriculum, it may appear to be daunting to get such a large collaborative project underway.

In this issue Cerise Oberman, Betsy Wilson, and Bonnie Gratch Lindauer share with us some very practical tools to begin working on an integrated information literacy program.

Cerise and Betsy have developed an innovative information literacy IQ (Institutional Quotient) test. The simple, true-false test, reproduced on pages 348-349, is designed to determine the readiness of your institution to integrate information literacy into the curriculum.

Your score provides you with a relative ranking that can be used with an accompanying chart of suggested actions to help you move your institution’s information literacy program forward.

When developing a program, it is always helpful to know about activities taking place at other institutions. Betsy has identified institutions with the best practices or model information literacy programs (page 351).

Bonnie has compiled a set of core information literacy competencies/outcomes for undergraduates (page 350).

We hope these tools will help you take your institution’s information literacy program to the next level.

Also in this issue is the proposed revision to the “ACRL Media Resource Guidelines” (page 357). The committee has worked hard to develop them and would appreciate your comments.

ACRL has a full complement of programs and meetings planned for the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., in June. Check out the special insert listing them and plan to attend the conference.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor-in-chief

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