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Jane Hedberg Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions may be made to: Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College Library, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02181; fax: (617) 283-3640; e-mail: JHEDBERG@WELLESLEY.EDU.

NDLF planning progresses

The National Digital Library Federation (NDLF) announced in September 1995 that Patricia Battin, former president of the Commission on Preservation and Access, had been appointed coordinator of the project for six months. In addition, the IBM Corporation has provided the NDLF with a $100,000 planning grant and nine months of technical support from IBM research scientist, Henry Gladney.

During the planning phase, the NDLF is interested in identifying additional institutions interested in membership. Libraries or archives wishing to join may express their interest by providing the Commission with a list of current and planned digital projects and an indication of their institutional support for digital library resources. For more information, contact the Commission on Preservation and Access, 1400 16th Street, NW, Suite 740, Washington, DC 20036-2217; voice: (202) 939-3400; fax: (202) 939-3407; e-mail:

Preservation Resources creates homepage

Preservation Resources, formerly known as MAPS, The MicrogrAphic Preservation Service, has created a homepage on the World Wide Web. According to Meg Bellinger, president of Preservation Resources, “The . . . homepage provides an opportunity for us to display research and development on digital access options to preservation microfilm.” The homepage includes examples of images digitally scanned and indexed from microfilm, plus information on other aspects of preservation microfilm, e.g., color and continuous tone microfilm, the new generation of cameras, preparation of materials for filming, filming nonbook and rare materials, and preserving microfilm. The homepage is located at http://www.oclc. org/oclc/presres/.

LC publishes film preservation plan

The Library of Congress published The National Film Preservation Plan: An Implementation Strategy in June 1995. This 12-page report is the result of three years study and provides an action plan for implementation of the thirty recommendations found in the August 1994 report, Redefining Film Preservation. The report addresses three major areas: conserving films, increasing funding of and participation in film preservation, and expanding public access. Copies are available free of charge from Stephen Leggett, Motion Picture Division, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540.

LC awards deacidification contract

In July 1995 the Library of Congress awarded Preservation Technologies, Inc. (PTI), a contract for mass deacidification of at least 72,000 volumes over the next two years. PTI will treat LC’s books using its Bookkeeper III process. For more information about LC’s plans for mass deacidification, contact Kenneth E. Harris, Preservation Projects Director, Preservation Directorate, Library of Congress, LM-G21, Washington, DC 20540-4500; phone: (202) 707-1054; fax: (202) 707-3434; e-mail:

For more information about the Bookkeeper III process, contact Richard Spatz, Chairman, Preservation Technologies, Inc., Ill Thomson Park Drive, Cranberry Twp., PA l6066; phone: (800) 416-BOOK; fax: (412) 779-9808.

By the way

The students and staff of the Wellesley College Library Preservation Department have developed a simple digital cartoon strip to educate other students in proper treatment of books and added it to the college’s Campus-Wide Information System. The cartoon strip about use of proper bookmarks may be found at http://

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