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Money. Whether it is making budget cuts or looking for new funding sources, money and finances play an important part in providing library programs and services. And identifying new funding sources is an increasingly important task for libraries.

In this issue Irene Hoffman shares with us fundraising resources available on the Internet (page 692).

Gary Byrd continues our look at finances with his conference circuit report on “Challenging Marketplace Solutions to Problems in the Economics of Information” (page 694).

And Diane Kaufman looks at ways to save libraries money by building student awareness of the importance of preservation by using a humorous and informative exhibit (page 707). Preservation may mean more to students when they realize that the 40 damaged books that need replacing would pay for one semester’s tuition to their university!

Other articles in this issue give us ideas for new or enhanced library services and programs. Dan Blewett advocates having librarians keep office hours in academic departments (page 701). This lets the faculty become more familiar with library services and the librarians become more familiar with faculty needs.

Ellie Fogarty and Nelson Evans describe the reading course they developed that uses librarians as instructors and gives students credit for reading and discussing books they select (page 704).

Stephanie Bangert and Bonnie Gratch provide the next “Every Librarian a Leader” column and suggest 20 things you can do to participate in the accreditation process (page 697).

Ellen Metter suggests how we can improve our reference skills by watching more MTV and paying attention to other popular culture resources (page 710).

Watch for ACRL’s Annual Report in the December issue. Regular readers may remember it being in the November issue but this year the financial information was not available at press time.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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