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We’ve all had rough starts with a new year, a new class, a new job. But imagine completing the first week in a new job as library director when disaster strikes. That’s what happened to Camila Alire when floodwaters ravaged the collections at Colorado State University (CSU) when she had been director there a mere seven days (page 529).

While talking with Alire just a few days after the flood, she stressed how important it was for libraries to have disaster recovery plans and urged any library without one to begin developing a plan. Having such a plan in place at CSU has really enabled the library to take quick actions toward salvaging the materials.

Though one always hopes disaster won’t hit, it pays to be prepared. In “Preservation News” this month, Jane Hedberg reports on a handy wheel device developed by the National Task Force on Emergency Response. The device offers advice for dealing with disasters and tips on salvaging materials (page 573).

While I’m on the topic of disaster preparedness, let me venture into the related field of preservation and direct your attention to Gary Albright’s article “Care of Photographs” (page 561). Originally prepared as a technical leaflet for the Northeast Document Conservation Center, the article gives practical advice on the proper environment and storage of photos.

This issue also includes reports of ACRL’s activities at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco: actions of the ACRL Board of Directors are reported on page 548; summaries of many ACRL programs are given on page 537; and reports of ACRL’s University Libraries Section’s activities (prepared in lieu of a separate section newsletter) may be found on page 544. For other items of ACRL business, please see the official election results printed on page 568 and the call for award nominations/applications on page 567. Remember, ACRL offers more than $15,000 in awards and prizes, so take a few minutes to consider applying or nominating a deserving colleague.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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