Vol 58, No 8 (1997)


Cover Page
The daughter taking part in this poignant farewell is about to start a new life as a self-supporting adult. The illustration appears on the jacket of Letters to a Busi­ness Girl by Florence Wenderoth Saunders, published in 1908 (Laird & Lee, Chicago), and subtitled "The Personal Letters of a Business Woman to Her Daugh­ter. Replete with Practical Information Regarding the Perplexing Problems of a Girl Stenographer." The volume is from Radcliffe College's Schlesinger Librnry on the History of Women in America, which col­lects manuscripts, books, and other materials on all aspects of the social and intellectual history of women. Letters to a Business Girl was included in a 1995 Harvard College Library exhibition, To Make You Wiser and Better· Advice and Instruction for Girls and Boys, Men and Women.