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Last month I highlighted in this space the importance of communication. This month I’m highlighting yet another important “c” word— cooperation.

In this issue we publish ACRL’s 1992-93 Annual Report, “Academic Libraries at the Crossroads.” The activities described in this report would not be possible without the cooperation of thousands of member volunteers working together. With our diverse membership, cooperation is key to the successful completion of projects and to promoting the interests of academic libraries. Cooperating with other higher education associations and organizations furthers the agenda of academic libraries and provides added benefits to the memberships of the participating organizations.

ACRL leaders emphasize cooperation in their annual reports. Jacquelyn McCoy, ACRL’s 1992–93 president, urges us to “find new partners and helpmates as we seek to make wise decisions as we reengineer the academic library.” Tom Kirk, ACRL’s 1993-94 president, is working with section leaders and committee chairs to prepare joint cooperative programming highlighting networking activities in lieu of the traditional ACRL President’s Program.

Our articles this month also focus on the importance of cooperation. Bud Call examines joint-use libraries and identifies areas where cooperation (and communication) are key to the successful marriage of two institutions. Ellen Meltzer cites cooperation as one of the critical elements to the successful move of a library. Pat Wand describes a government meeting on the National Information Infrastructure (aka Internet aka NREN). Only the cooperation of the government and the public and private sectors will maximize the effectiveness of this powerful tool. This month’s “News from the Field” reports on statewide cooperative activities among libraries in Utah and Virginia.

So, next time you’re working on a project take a moment to consider how you are cooperating and communicating. Your considered use of these skills might make a difference to the success of your project.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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