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“Every Librarian a Leader,” ACRL President Patricia Breivik’s theme, is certainly a timely and important sentiment. With the exponential growth of information in a variety of formats librarians must take a leadership role in ensuring that information literacy is an integral part of the curriculum and an enhancement to the learning process.

C&RL Newshas supported President Breivik’s theme with the “Every Librarian a Leader” column. Practical examples of how librarians can take a leadership role were identified and articles solicited by Feme Hyman, a member of Breivik’s President’s Program Committee. In this issue, Deborah J. Leather, chair of the committee, gives us a detailed description of the culminating event of Breivik’s presidential year— the President’s Program. This multipart program is an exciting chance for librarians to assess leadership opportunities and begin planning for personal leadership development (page 286).

Although this month marks the final contribution of this committee to the “Every Librarian a Leader” column, I encourage submissions on the practical applications of leadership development so that we can continue to share leadership ideas through this column.

Tjalda Belastock’s article, “Writing a copyright policy for the campus,” is an excellent example of librarians as leaders (page 297). Librarians at Bentley College took a leadership role in bringing disparate members of the college community together to develop and implement a copyright policy.

Another important group of librarians in leadership positions are the development officers. Irene Hoffman gives us a report on the latest conference of ALADN (the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network) on page 301.

Please be sure you are using the new e-mail addresses for ACRL and ALA staff (page 280). We do want to hear from you.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis

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