Vol 57, No 5 (1996)


Cover Page

A sound-and-light show dramatizing the New York Public Library's (NYPL) past, present, and future was part of the Illuminating Ceremony last May celebrating the centennial of this great institution. The NYPL's importance is a function not only of its sheer size and scope, but also of its unique character. It is the only library that features both world-acclaimed research centers and a large net­work of neighborhood branch libraries, with a collection of more than 50 million items, all of which may be used by the public, free of charge.

An exhibit called "The Global Library" (http:/www.nypl.org) will be on view during the ALA Annual Conference in July. Examining the digital revolution within the context of a 5,000-year his­tory of communications, the exhibit includes guided tours of the World Wide Web, and a time­line of seminal moments in the history of informa­tion, featuring artifacts from the library's collec­tions.

NYPL will host the ALA All-Conference Recep­tion on Saturday, July 6, 8:00-10:00 p.m. Tours of the library will be given during the reception. Photo credit: James Rudnick and the New York Publlc Library.