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Most of us have more to accomplish and less time in which to accomplish it. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for practical tips and ideas on how to better accomplish my tasks.

In this issue I have included several articles of that practical nature. Welcoming a new staff member? Susanne Glass offers suggestions on how to involve existing staff in making sure the new hire is successful.

Assigned responsibility for planning a library building? Kate Ragsdale offers ten tips for making your building project a success. Need a way to find out what both your regular library users and the nonusers want from the library? Margaret Hawthorn and Elaine Goettler tell how to conduct a user survey using the technique of proportionate probability sampling.

Wondering how to get your faculty excited about information literacy? Dennis Isbell and Carol Hammond share with us a fact sheet of information literacy competencies they have developed and used as a marketing tool.

Looking for a way to evaluate a small library collection? Frances Davis tells us how she managed at the Owensboro Community College.

Trying to communicate to your library staff the ethical responsibilities they have when using electronic communications? The library staff at Southern Methodist University share with us the “computer ethics statement” they wrote.

Of course, it is also important for the profession to think about the broader issues. ACRL President Jacquelyn A. McCoy talks about the impact technology is having on the academy and the challenges ahead for academic librarians. Steve McKinzie challenges our thinking about the term bibliographic instruction, positing that the phrase “is as hackneyed as yesterday’s political rhetoric.” The Academic Status Committee offers a vision of faculty status and summarizes the results of their think tank.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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