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Jane Hedberg

CLR conference

The Center for Research Libraries (CLR) is sponsoring Preserving America’s Printed Resources: The Role of Repositories, Depositories and Libraries of Record on July 21, 2003, in Chicago to continue discussion of a national preservation effort for print collections having long-term research value. Speakers include: Robert Martin of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Deanna Marcum and Abby Smith of the Council on Library and Information Services, Brian Schottlaender of the University of California-San Diego, James Neal of Columbia University, Will Bridegam of Amherst College, Catherine Murray-Rust of the ORBIS Library Consortium, Pentti Vatulainen of the National Repository Library of Finland, Steve O’Connor of the Cooperative Action of Victorian Academic Libraries, Nancy Davenport of the Library of Congress, Ellen Dunlap of the American Antiquarian Society, Mary Jane Starr of the National Library of Canada, Winston Tabb of Johns Hopkins University, and Daniel Greenstein of the California Digital Library.

Admission is free, but preregistration is strongly advised (walk-in registration will be permitted only if space allows). For more information, contact Tracy Rosenberg, CLR, 6050 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637-2804; phone: (800) 621-6044, ext. 317; fax: (773) 955-4339; e-mail: To register, go to http://

ASTM paper aging reports

The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) has published ASTM’s Paper Aging Research Report Program, a CD-ROM containing the complete reports of its five-paper aging investigations. Five testing laboratories investigated using three methods (elevated temperature, elevated light flux, and increased exposure to pollutant gases) to simulate natural paper aging. The results were subjected to peer review by panels of scientists and paper conservators. All three testing methods were deemed scientifically sound and have passed the ASTM consensus ballot process. In addition to the reports on CD, ASTM is distributing designations (descriptions) of the actual methods.

The CD (Research Report, RR#: D 06-1004) costing $10, the temperature aging method (D 6819-02), the pollutant aging method (D 6833- 02), and the light aging method (D 6789-02) are available from ASTM International, Customer Service Department, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 19482-2959; phone: (610) 832-9585; fax: (610) 832-9555; e-mail: Order the CD online at, search for paper aging. For more information, contact Thomas O’Toole, phone: (610) 832-9739; e-mail:

NLNZ preservation metadata

The National Library of New Zealand is developing processes for preserving the enormous number of digital objects that meet their collection development mandate. One of the initiatives cunently underway is the creation of a workable preservation metadata schema that incorporates the principles of the OAIS Information Model. The result of this initiative, “Preservation Metadata: Pragmatic First Steps at the National Library of New Zealand,” is reported by Sam Searle and Dave Thompson in the April 2003 issue of D-Lib Magazine.

The article is available at dlib/april03/thompson/04thompson.html.

Motion pictures is a CoOL topic

Conservation OnLine, the Web site hosted by Walter Henry of Stanford University, has added “Preservation of Motion Picture Film” as a new conservation topic. Edited by Hannah Frost, also of Stanford, the site contains links to information about general issues, formats and identification, storage and handling, standards, deterioration, bibliographic resources, tools and glossaries, digital issues, organizations, other resources, and mailing lists. This topic joins numerous others, including video and audio preservation.

The URL for this topic is http://palimpsest. ■

Jane Hedberg is preservation program officer at Harvard University Library, e-mail:; fax: (617) 496-8344

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