Vol 64, No 6 (2003)


Cover Page
The cover illustration is a detail from the oil on canvas painting The Lady of the Lilies(c. 1910) by Kathy Prather Thum. Thum was an Amelican artist (1853-1926) who maintained a studio in Louis­ville, Kentucky, for 35 years after studying art at Vassar College. She is primarily known as a painter of flowers and Kentucky landscapes. The subject of The Lady of the Lilies is Mary Johnston, step­daughter of children and juvenile fiction author Annie Fellows Johnston (the painting is taken af­ter a photograph). Thum and the painting are fea­tured in Western Kentucky University's (WKU) online exhibition, "Kentucky Women Artists 1850 to 1970," and the painting is cun-ently on loan to WKU from the Speed Art Museum in Louisville. The detail from The Lady of the Lilies has been reproduced with pennission from the Speed Alt Museum, Louisville, Kentucky.