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George M. Eberhart

Australian Tertiary Librar- ies: Issues for the 1990s,edited by Colin Steele (156 pages, August 1992), provides an Australian perspective on such academic library issues as collection management, information services, out- reach, and automation. The book costs Aus$34.00 and may be ordered from Auslib Press, P.O. Box 622, Black- wood, South Australia 5051. ISBN 1-875145-13-3.

Books and Manuscripts of the Bakken,by Judith A. Overmier and John Edward Senior (512 pages, 1992), is a bibliographic record of the library collections of The Bakken: A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life founded in Minneapolis in 1976 by Earl Bakken, the inventor of the first wearable cardiac pacemaker. Books, manuscripts, and archival materials in science and medicine from the 15th through the early 20th centuries on the therapeutic effects of electricity on biological systems are arranged by author within four chronological groupings. All entries include full bibliographical and provenance information. Copies may be ordered for $79.50 from Scarecrow Press, P.O. Box 4167, Metuchen, NJ 08840. ISBN 0- 8108-2570-8.

Civilizations, Empires and Wars: A Quantitative History of War,by William Eckhardt (296 pages, October 1992), empirically and statistically examines the relationship between the complexity of a given civilization and its warlikeness. Some of the conclusions it reaches are: more civilized peoples have more to fight for, more to fight with, and more surplus to pay for the fighting, all of which increase their warlikeness; the probability of organized warfare prior to 3000 B.C. is close to zero; civilization, wars, and empires foster one another; and the self-destructiveness of wars are concealed by a self-deception that results from the self- centeredness and self-righteousness characteristic of civilized peoples, who tend to believe in their innate superiority to others, especially primitive cultures. Can we have an advanced civilization without war? Yes, there is hope, according to Eckhardt. Human nature is not the problem, merely habits formed in the course of de- velopment: “Simply put, we can prevent war by restruc- turing civilization so that human relations are more egalitarian, altruistic and compassionate.” Mr. Presi- dent and Congress, take note. Copies are available for $45.00 from McFarland & Co., Inc., Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640. ISBN 0- 89950-709-3.

The Gospel of Scholarship: Pierce Butler and a Critique of American Librarianship,by John V. Richardson Jr. (350 pages, 1992), chronicles the life of one of the founders of modern librarianship, Pierce Butler, who served on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Graduate Library School from 1931 to 1952. He was a strong influence on many of his graduate students, including Rudolph Hirsch, Jesse Shera, Arna Bontemps, Lester Asheim, and Haynes McMullen. Butler supported the introduction of social science methods in his seminal Introduction to Library Science (1933), which is reprinted in this volume, and was instrumental in developing the incunabula collections at the Newberry Library. A chapter details Butler’s untimely death in an automobile accident in North Carolina in 1953- Richardson summarizes the legacy of Butler’s librarianship in a final chapter and provides a complete bibliography of his writings. A copy may be ordered for $42.50 from Scarecrow Press, P.O. Box 4167, Metuchen, NJ 08840. ISBN 0-8108-2499-X.

A History of the Oklahoma State University Library,by Roscoe Rouse, Jr. (290 pages, 1992), is an exemplary history of a fine academic library, its collections, and its librarians told by the library’s director from 1967-87. From its modest beginnings in 1891 to its current count of 1.6 million volumes, the OSU Library story is told with love and gusto without skimping on photographs or documentation. Use this book to inspire you to write a history of your own library. My favorite photo is one showing a 1953 homecoming parade float in the shape of the new library building! Copies may be ordered for $14.95 from the Oklahoma State University Centennial History Series, Stillwater, OK 74078. ISBN 0-914956-49-3.

The Legacy of James D. Hart at The Bancroft Library, 1970-1990,edited by Anthony S. Bliss (93 pages, 1991), has been published as no. 39 in the series of Keepsakes issued for its members by the Friends of The Bancroft Library. This catalog highlights special collections and other materials acquired by the_ Bancroft since 1973. Copies are available for $10.00. Address inquiries to Kimberley L. Massingale, Friends of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720.

Lyles Administration of the College Library,by Caroline M. Coughlin and Alice Gertzog (602 pages, 5th ed., 1992), is a complete revision of Guy R. Lyle’s classic text, last updated in 1974. Emphasis has been placed on communication, finances, and politics, with new chapters on a campus inventory, integrated library systems, bibliographic instruction, and the director. An essential handbook for the college librarian. Copies are available for $55.00 from Scarecrow Press, P.O. Box 4167, Metuchen, NJ 08840. ISBN 0-8108-2552-X.

The Multicultural Education Debate in the University: A Bibliography,compiled by Joan Nordquist (63 pages, 1992), has been published as number 25 in Reference and Research Services’ Contemporary Social Issues series of bibliographies. Topics covered include political correctness, freedom of speech on the campus, Eurocentrism in the university curriculum, and women in the university curriculum. Articles and reviews of Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind, Russell Jacoby’s The Last Intellectuals, Roger Kimball’s Tenured Radicals, and other books on the intellectual and political climate of the university are listed. Copies may be ordered for $15.00 from Reference and Research Services, 511 Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. ISBN 0-937855-48-0.

Performance Appraisal of Collection Development Librarians,SPEC Kit and Flyer #181 (February 1992,109 pages), is based on a 1990 survey of ARL libraries to assess how collection development librarians are evaluated and how the selection aspect of their duties is evaluated. The results provide insight into reporting structures, performance reviews, and budget preparation. SPEC Kits are available mainly by subscription, but individual back issues may be purchased for $33-00 from the Office of Management Services, 1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20036 (prepayment required). ISSN 0160-3582.

Thinking Robots, an Aware Internet, and Cyberpunk Librarians,edited by R. Bruce Miller and Milton T. Wolf (200 pages, 1992), is a collection of background essays prepared for the 1992 Library and Information Technology Association’s President’s Program. This book is definitely not your typical reprint of long, boring lectures. As Bruce Miller writes in his introduction: “… you will find fiction, brilliant insights, wild (but plausible) thoughts, and stunning presentations. Obfuscation and heavy technological presentations were forbidden concepts.” Contributors include science-fiction authors David Brin (Earth) and Bruce Sterling (Mirrorshadeś) and roboticist Hans Moravec (Mind Children). Among the mind-expanding essays by librarians are “Exotechnology” (Mel Seesholtz), “Nanotechnology: The Library of Congress in Your Pocket” (Roberta Wallis), “The Transreal Experience” (William M. Lidwell and Kim J. Trull), “Knowbot Explorations in Similarity Space” (Martin Halbert), and “Symbiotic Cyberspace Libraries" (Billy Barron). Best thing to do with this book is to jack in and flip for the matrix, as William Gibson might say. Copies are available for $22.00 (LITA members $19.80) from ALA Publishing, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611. ISBN 0-8389-7625-5.

The Where Am I Now? Where Am I Going? Career Manual,by William Lareau (241 pages, April 1992), explains the realities of career development in the 1990s. The “Where Am I Now” section of the book shows how to evaluate career opportunities at various career stages and details the basic rules of what it takes to make it in any organization. The “Where Am I Going” section details guidelines for job-searching strategies that work in the real world of business as seen by an executive insider. The book provides comprehensive instructions on how to prepare resumes and cover letters for direct mail campaigns, as well as answering ads. Instructions are given on how to excel in face-to- face and telephone interviews. Much more down-to-earth than colored parachutes, this book costs $17.95 and may be ordered from New Win Publishing, P.O. Box 5159, Clinton, NJ 08809. ISBN 0-8329-0464-3. ■

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