Vol 53, No 10 (1992)


Cover Page

This brilliant Haitian village scene is a yarn embroidery by artist Madame Dequel and is part of the William L. Bryant West Indies Col­lection at the University of Central Florida Li­brary. In addition to books, the collection in­cludes metal and fabric crafts, sound recordings, paintings, sculptures, and maps. Publication dates of printed materials in the collection range back to 1610. The collection offers research material on Dutch, British, French, Creole, and Spanish culture, with a special focus on Haiti and Jamaica.

The collection is a tribute to the energy and scholarship of William]. Bryant of Woodstock, Vermont, and Tangerine, Florida, who named the collection for his father. His interests in an­thropology, archaeology, and art led to its cre­ation. He moved the collection to the Univer­sity Library in the fall of 1972 and has continually added to it since that time.