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Jane Hedberg Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions for this column may be made via: Internet: JHEDBERG@LUCY. WELLESLEY. EDU;fax (617) 283-3640; phone (617) 283-2103; or mail to: Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College Library, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02181-8275. Submission deadline is the 15th of the month and precedes publication by approximately six weeks.

NAPA releases report on electronic databasesThe National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) has released its study and report “The Archives of the Future: Archival Strategies for the Treatment of Electronic Databases.” The objectives of the study were to identify the major electronic databases in federal agencies and to de- velop criteria for determining which databases should be transferred to the National Archives for permanent retention. The report contains 13 recommendations to the National Archives including: taking a strategic, active approach in pursuing electronic data from agen- cies; placing greater emphasis on developing guidelines and agreements with agencies to ensure provision of data in usable form; and developing a long-term strategy for networked access to databases held by the National Ar- chives.

Copies of the report are available for $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping from the National Acad- emy of Public Administration, 1120 G. St., Suite 850, Washington, DC 20005.

Cornell and Yale publish reports on digital technology

Cornell and Yale Universities have published reports on their respective investigations of the use of digital technologies for preservation. Cornell’s report, “The Joint Study in Digital Pres- ervation, Report: Phase I (January 1990-De- cember 1991) Digital Capture, Paper Facsimi- les, and Network Access," by Anne R. Kenney and Lynne K Personius, describes a project undertaken with the Xerox Corporation to cap- ture the contents of 1,000 brittle books as digi- tal images and to produce paper facsimiles. Yale’s report, “The Organizational Phase of Project Open Book: On the Status of an Effort to Con- vert Microfilm to Digital Im- agery, a Report of the Yale University Library to the Commission on Preserva- tion and Access,” by Donald Waters and Shari Weaver, describes a project to con- vert 10,000 volumes in mi- crofilm format to digital im- ages.

Copies of both reports are available for $10.00 and $5.00 respectively from the Commission on Preservation and Access, 1400 16th Street, N.W., Suite 740, Washington, DC 20036-2217. Prepayment is required. (Commis- sion sponsors will automatically receive these documents free of charge.)

AMIGOS publishes results of survey

AMIGOS Preservation Service has published the final report of its Preservation Needs Assessment Survey. The report, prepared by the Preservation Service with faculty of the University of North Texas, contains detailed information on preservation program status and needs in libraries and archives in the Southwest.

For free copies of the report contact Tom Clareson, AMIGOS Preservation Service Manager, AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Inc., 12200 Park Central Drive, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75251; l-(800) 843-8482.

CPA distributes "Electronic Technologies and Preservation"

The Commission on Preservation and Access is also distributing transcripts of “Electronic Technologies and Preservation,” Donald J. Waters’s presentation to the June 1992 annual meeting of the Research Libraries Group. Waters, who is director of library and administrative systems at Yale University Library, made a number of suggestions in his speech for collaborative action to utilize new technologies in libraries.

Copies are available for $5.00 from the Commission at the address shown above. Prepayment is required. (This document will also be supplied to commission sponsors free of charge.)

ACRL/NEC convenes Preservation/ Conservation Interest Group

The Board of ACRL’s New England Chapter has authorized creation of a Preservation/Conser- vation Interest Group intended to provide a forum for library preservation administrators, particularly those who have responsibility for circulating collections. The first meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on November 12, 1992, at the Wellesley College Library. For more information or to register for the first meeting, please contact the editor of this column. ■

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