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At this writing, the 102nd Congress is about to adjourn. Hectic end-of-session activity included House passage of a revision of the GPO WINDO/Gateway legislation (HR 5983), but the bill’s fate in the Senate is still unknown. No action was taken on the Li- brary of Congress fee-for-ser- vice legislation (S. 2748), but it will be an early agenda item next year. Congress did extend the life of the Library of Congress American Folklife Center for one year.

Funding.Several appropriations bills have just received final action. Funding levels for FY93 are shown below for selected programs.

Library programs.The House had reduced most LSCA and HEA library programs by one percent, but the Senate restored these cuts. House-Senate conferees agreed to the Senatepassed library levels. How- ever, to keep the total down, conferees then cut by 0.8% all items in the funding bill which includes education and health programs. The $2.5 million the Senate added in FY92 to the HEA college library technology program is now shifted to the HEA II-B library re- search and demonstration program. The intent in FY92 was that Iowa State Univer- sity, in subcommittee Chairman Tom Harkin’s home state, would (and did) compete successfully for a large biotechnology demonstration project. For FY93, $2.5 million of the ITB total is for a demonstration of elec- tronic access to a statewide bibliographic data- base through a fiber optic network. Harkin’s subcommittee “believes that the State Library of Iowa is ideally suited for receipt of these funds.” (S. Rept. 102-397)

LC & GPO.The Library of Congress and the Government Printing Office would have been severely affected by a Senate-passed amendment to the Legislative Appropriations Bill. Offered by Senators Seymour (R-Calif.) and Brown (R-Colo.), the amendment would have cut funding in the bill by 15% over three years. With help from library constituent calls to key legislators, House-Senate conferees dropped the amendment. As it is, the final LC budget will not cover all mandatory cost increases.

Postal subsidies.The postal revenue forgone funding is $360 million short of the amount the U.S. Postal Service estimated was needed to keep preferred and nonprofit rates at current levels. However, Congress provided a one-year “fix” which means these rates will not increase during FY93. For the first time, a cross subsidy has commercial mailers subsidizing the difference—a very unsatisfactory and interim resolution of the annual shortfall dilemma. Appropriators called for permanent legislative reform. ■

GPO SuDocs $27,082,000 $29,082,000
HEA II-A college library tech. 6,404,000 3,873,000
II-B library ed/training 5,000,000 4,960,000
II-B library research 325,000 2,802,000
II-C research libraries 5,855,000 5,808,000
IV-C college work study 615,000,000 616,950,000
VI international educ. 33,980,000 35,533,000
VI, sec. 607, foreign materials 500,000 982,000
Library of Congress 322,228,000 334,316,000
LSCA I public library services 83,898,000 83,727,000
11 public lib. construction 16,718,000 16,584,000
III interlibrary cooperation 19,908,000 19,749,000
VI foreign language materials 976,000 968,000
VI library literacy program 8,163,000 8,098,000
National Agricultural Library 17,715,000 17,715,000
National Archives 146,143,000 160,045,000
Natl. Ctr. for Educ. Statistics 77,213,000 78,270,000
NCLIS 831,000 889,000
Natl. Endowment for Humanities 175,955,000 177,413,000
Natl. Historical Pubs. & Records Com. 5,400,000 5,000,000
National Library of Medicine & MLAA 100,323,000 104,184,000
Postal revenue forgone subsidy 470,000,000 121,912,000

Statement of ownership and management

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• Total distribution: 11,908; Actual, 11,992.

• Copies not distributed: Office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing: Average: 1,192; Actual, 711.

• Returns from news agents: not applicable.

• Total (sum of previous entries): Average, 13,100; Actual, 12,703.

Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation(PS Form 3526, February 1989) for 1992 filed with the United States Postal Service, Postmaster in Chicago, Illinois, September 28, 1992.

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