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The importance of acting

To the Editor:

As a former librarian turned investigator, I often peruse the professional literature of both fields. Thus, I read with considerable interest Trudi E. Jacobson’s excellent report on “Good acting secret of successful BI” in the July/Au- gust issue. By citing Dean William E. Connor’s contention that teaching is theater, Ms. Jacobson is quite correct. However, I would add that an important, but sometimes overlooked, part of investigative work is also theater or acting. The intent, goals, and results of the theatrics in my field and in Ms. Jacobson’s may differ, but the techniques, such as focusing on your subjects and role playing, are similar. In more than 15 years as an investigator I have learned that acting, especially spur-of-the-moment improvisation when needed, is a handy skill to possess, and if one is good at it, the results can be satisfying. After all, what’s the old good guy/bad guy routine but acting?—Mark H. Winnegrad, associate investigator, N. Y.C. Dept. of Transportation

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