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Communication is about transmitting a message and having the receiver understand what the sender intended. Whether we are communicating verbally, by printed word, or digitally, part of the communication is how the message is delivered. If the message is communicated verbally, the listener hears the tone of voice and sees the body gestures and takes these into account. If the message is communicated by print, the reader may be influenced by the quality of the paper, the typography (or the handwriting), and the overall appearance of the printed page.

Now many of us are communicating our messages via Web site and appearance and ease of use play a major role in how readers respond to our message and our organization. In this issue, Susan Jurist gives us her top 10 rules for creating great Web sites that will be easy to use and clear to the user of the site (page 418).

Paul Heller and Stuart Kohler also choose to communicate electronically and share with us how they get information on book shelving across to their student assistants using a computer for training (page 425).

Conferences are another form of communicating information. In this issue, Gary Thompson gives us a report on a Canadian Workshop on Instruction in Library Use conference (page 437) and Janis Dickens reports on the Consortium of College and University Media Centers (page 439).

Sherry Vellucci offers her take on what the future holds for catalogers (page 442).

ACRL President Bill Miller exhorts members to integrate ACRL’s new Strategic Plan into their thinking (page 444).

Watch the September issue for reports of the ALA/ACRL election results (released too late to be included in this issue) and of the ACRL programs at the ALA Annual Conference.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis

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