Vol 57, No 7 (1996)

July/ August

Cover Page
This painting by Thomas Robins the Younger (1743?-1806) is inscribed "Painted from Nature by Thos. Robins the Younger, Bath, 1786. No: 8, Vol. 2d." and features a type of Antholyza and Tanacetum (Tansy), Psoralea bituminosa (Scurfy Pea), and three butterflies. It is one of seventeen paintings by Robins housed at the Oak Spring Garden Library in Upperville, Vir­ginia. The paintings originally formed part of the second of two bound volumes of paintings the artist placed on sale in 1787. The Oak Spring Garden Library, which opened in 1981, is the private collection of Rachel Lambert Mellon and contains rare books, manuscripts, modern ref­erence works, works of art, and related arti· facts concerning gardens, gardening, landscape design, and horticulture, with a focus on gar· den history. Ed. note: The image was digitally altered to fit the format of C&RL News.