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There is a myth that it is difficult to get appointed to an ACRL committee and that you have to “know someone.” While it is true that not all 11,000 members of ACRL could have a committee appointment at the same time, the fact is that 84% of the people who volunteered for an ACRL division-level committee in 1992 were appointed. And the appointment rates for those seeking section-level committees were even higher (although perhaps not everyone received their first choice).

Now that you know there is a very real chance of being appointed to an ACRL committee, take a moment to review the “ACRL wants you!” article on pages 592-95, select an area that interests you, and send in your volunteer form(s).

ACRL depends on volunteers like you to set its goals and plan its activities. Without the work of volunteers, ACRL would not have the statements, standards, guidelines, publications, and programs that many academic librarians have come to rely upon.

In this issue we have two tangible results of the efforts of volunteers. A committee of ACRL’s Education and Behavioral Sciences Section prepared a document outlining what information retrieval and evaluation skills students of education need to have. “Information retrieval and evaluation skills for education students” (page 583-88) is the result of academic librarians perceiving a need for a document that would assist them in their job, volunteering to work on the document, polling their colleagues to ensure the document was representative, and completing it.

Another group of volunteers serves on ACRL’s Professional Education Committee. This group developed a statement about the educational needs of academic librarians that is included here on pages 590-91.

This issue also describes some publicity campaigns honored by the John Cotton Dana Awards, takes a look at a simple recycling program, examines how the library can benefit from student projects, and concludes our summary of ACRL programs at the Annual Conference.

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Pu blisher

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