Vol 53, No 9 (1992)


Cover Page
"Two million reasons to celebrate the UCSB Li­brary" was the theme of this John Cotton Dana Award-winning publicity campaign mounted by the University of California, Santa Barbara. The campaign celebrated the acquisition of the 15th­century Book of Hours from France as UCSB's two-millionth volume. This illustration is a min­iature from the book which was donated to the library by the Friends of the UCSB Library. The volume, which measures 8 1/2 by 5 ¾ inches, was designed as a prayer book to be held and used. Its owner was meant to stop eight times a day and read the appropriate prayer. Written in Latin and French, this Book of Hours has 12 full-page miniatures. Details about the public­ity campaign may be found in the public rela­tions article in this issue.