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After three years of intensive work by its members, ACRL has a new strategic plan. Replacing a 1987 version, the new plan was approved by the ACRL Board of Directors during its meetings at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.

The plan recognizes current priorities and concerns of ACRL members with a mission and vision statement that emphasizes opportunities for professional development and the performance of academic librarians’ mission of service to patrons. I encourage you to take a few moments to review the plan and think about how you can help the association achieve its goals (see page 571).

A report of the other actions taken by the ACRL Board may be found on page 560. ACRL councillor Lee Hisle provides a brief report of the ALA Council’s actions during the Annual Conference on page 533.

Among ACRL’s other activities during the conference was the presentation of numerous successful programs by its units. Summaries of many of these programs may be found on page 550. My thanks to the special correspondents who provided the reports.

In this issue we continue ACRL president Patricia Breivik’s series “Every Librarian a Leader” with a report from Susan Anderson and Joyce Burkhart (page 541). Their report describes the organizational changes made at St. Petersburg Junior College, and the new leadership roles the librarians assumed.

Also in this issue is a report from Robert Renaud on the Digital Libraries conference (page 547). I find the quote from Nancy Van House about the information trolling practices of researchers on target and hope that you enjoy Renaud’s report.

The Internet resources series continues with a list for Internet trainers prepared by Nancy Weissinger and John Edwards (page 535).

Be sure to review the list of award opportunities and honors ACRL offers (page 563). Thousands of dollars of prizes are available!

—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

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