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Shou Lao, ancient Chinese Taoist god of longevity, is depicted on one of several woven and painted scrolls displayed in the East Asian Room of the Chester Fritz Library at the University of North Dakota. The design portion of the 116x48 inch scroll measures 64 x 34 inches. Shou Lao is portrayed in typical fashion with a prominent bald head, white eyebrows and whiskers, and a smiling face, leaning on a long staff. Pumpkin gourds, containing the water of life, hang from each of his sides. He is accompanied by a stag and an attendant carrying a bowl that contains a peach, the symbol of immortality. In 1959, Chester Fritz, international financier in China from 1915 to 1941, donated a collection of artifacts acquired from his worldwide travels to the university.

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Although I have visited North Carolina several times, I have never been to the city of Charlotte. Barbara Tierney’s enthusiastic description of its many attractions (page 915) convinces me that attendees at the 2003 ACRL National Conference will be well rewarded. It’s not too early to begin your planning.

The looming presence of all too many empty glass cases in our libraries is inescapable. The desperation of those assigned to keep them filled is suggested in the article by Susan Brazer and Andrea Wyman (page 904). Fortunately, they present a variety of practical solutions to the problem that will make the presence of library display space seem a positive blessing.

Mary Stanley gives a detailed account of how a team-based approach was implemented in a particular academic library (page 900). An underlying theme is the beneficial effect of gathering opinion and ideas from a wide variety of staff.

Frank recognition of the role played by individuals’ personal qualities and values in their work life was very much a feature of the methodology used to achieve organization goals.

Once again in this issue we touch on the responsibilities of librarians, as librarians, in the larger society. Dane Ward sees instruction for information literacy as more than just an academic exercise (page 922). He urges an emphasis on preparing students to use it as a tool to becoming aware and active in critically examining the issues affecting their lives and their society.

Finally, this issue gives you the opportunity to consider all of the various ACRL committees, and to find your own place in our organization. The article on page 927 also provides useful tips on how to become an active member of the committee of your choice.

—Maureen Gleason Acting editor

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