Vol 62, No 9 (2001)


Cover Page
Shou Lao, ancient Chinese Taoist god of lon­gevity, is depicted on one of several woven and painted scrolls displayed in the East Asian Room of the Chester Fritz Library at the Uni­versity of North Dakota. The design portion of the 116x48 inch scroll measures 64 x 34 inches. Shou Lao is portrayed in typical fash­ion with a prominent bald head, white eye­brows and whiskers, and a smiling face, lean­ing on a long staff. Pumpkin gourds, containing the water of life, hang from each of his sides. He is accompanied by a stag and an attendant carrying a bowl that contains a peach, the symbol of immortality. In 1959, Chester Fritz, international financier in China from 1915 to 1941, donated a collection of artifacts acquired from his worldwide travels to the university,