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Jane Hedberg Jane Hedberg prepares this column for the College Libraries Committee, Commission on Preservation and Access. Submissions may be made to: Jane Hedberg, Wellesley College Library, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02181; JHEDBERG@WELLESLEY.EDU.

Dalton heads NEDCC field service

Steve Dalton, director of reprographic services at the Northeast Document Conser- vation Center (NEDCC) for about two years, will become the director of its Field Ser- vices Program in June. He re- places Karen Motylewski, who left to become director of Preservation and Conser- vation Studies at the Univer- sity of Texas at Austin.

Commission mounts homepage

The Commission on Preservation and Access has mounted a homepage on the World Wide Web at As of this writing, it contains information on Commission staff and organization, a number of published Commission documents, and some back issues of the Commission newsletter. It will be augmented by other Commission documents in the future. M. Stuart Lynn, Commission vice-president, designed the homepage as an easy way for readers to locate Commission information. Readers are reminded that many preservation and conservation documents are also available on CoOL (Conservation Online) at http://

For more information, contact M. Smart Lynn, Commission on Preservation and Access, phone: (510) 548-2244; e-mail:

USC concludes digital photographic archives plan

The University of Southern California (USC) Libraries has completed the implementation plan for a fully cataloged digital photographic archives. Development of the plan included surveying researchers about potential electronic image usage, creating a 23,000-image database with a digital image delivery system, and constructing a digital preservation model for original photographic records. The preservation model advocates careful consideration of a number of factors and some subjective decisions in order to determine appropriate scanning parameters.

For more information, contact John Waiblinger, Assistant University Librarian for Scholarly Technology & Information Systems, USC Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0182; e-mail:

RIT offers photograph preservation seminar

The Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) Technical and Education Center of the Graphic Arts and Imag- ing, in conjunction with RIT’s Image Permanence In- stitute and the George Eastman House Interna- tional Museum of Photography and Film, will offer a five-day seminar entitled, “Preserving Photographs in a Digital World.” The seminar includes three days of “tra- ditional” photograph preservation and two days of digital imaging technology. James Reilly, Grant Romer, Douglas Nishimura, Debbie Norris, David Wooters, and Franziska Frey will serve on the faculty. The seminar will be held at the George Eastman House Museum of Pho- tography and Film in Rochester, New York, August 19–24, 1995, and August 17–22, 1996.

Cost is $950 for the seminar, instructional materials, and evening receptions. (Travel, food, and lodging are not included.) For more information, contact Val Johnson, RIT/T&E Seminar Center, Frank E. Gannett Building, 66 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623-5604; phone: (716) 475-2736.

Marcum reaffirms Commission commitment

In a communication entitled “The Fullest Definition of Preservation,” Deanna Marcum, new president of the Commission on Preservation and Access, reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to traditional, as well as digital preservation. She wrote, “The Commission must not lose sight of the fullest definition of preservation and access if it is to meet its obligations.” For the complete text of her statement, see the May 1995 issue of the Commission’s newsletter.

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