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You dont need to know German to participate in ARLs German Resources Project

One of the persistent myths about the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) German Resources Project is that you must be a Geiman- language bibliographer to be interested. In fact the project includes a broad range of digital, document-delivery, and cataloging activities that embrace the full range of the subject spectrum and involve staff from all parts of the library, many of whom know no German.

The German Resources Project belongs to a group of Global Resources Programs that ARL launched in the 1990s. The German Demonstration Project began in 1992, and changed to its present form in 1998 with financial support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Since then it has had four main subcommittees: document delivery, bibliographic control, digital libraries, and collection development.

The document delivery group has worked with colleagues at the University of Göttingen to organize document delivery to North American libraries through GBVdirekt, The group is currently trying to establish a reciprocal arrangement for document delivery from participating North American libraries, and is investigating the feasibility of “returnables” (physical volumes that must be sent both ways across the Atlantic). The bibliographic control group has completed the translation of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2), which are having a large impact in Germany as international compatibility grows more crucial. The digital library group has a clearing house for joint U.S.-Ger- man projects. Four joint projects were funded through the first round of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)-National Science Foundation (NSF) joint initiative. A second DFG-NSF funding cycle is now underway. The collection development group has established a partners’ forum ‚which matches subject specialists in a wide range of subjects from Africa to Volkswirtschaft (economics). It has also facilitated some specific collections projects.

More information about the German Resources Project is available at http:// Membership continues to be free. Queries should be sent to Tom Sea- dle ( or Tom Kilton (t-, the current chair.—Michael Seadle, Michigan State University, first four categories of award-winning works are Africa, colonial Latin American, and South Asia; Europe before 1800; military and foreign relations; and North America before 1900. The contents of Gutenberg ‹e› are copyrighted materials licensed to libraries, universities, or other institutions through an annual subscription. The collection will expand each year to include new award- winning works of scholarship.

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