Vol 63, No 10 (2002)


Cover Page
Music-pyrotechnical, diabolical and hurly­burlical is a lithograph by Honore Daumier (1808-1879), a French lithographer, painter, and sculptor who gained widespread fame for his social and political commentary on the monar­chy, politicians, and middle class. In this piece, the fictional character Robert Macaire appears as an orchestra leader firing a cannon. The caption reads, in part: ''What a bloody fiddle. Macaire has come to terms with his era. We don't live in a time of harmony. Noise, a great deal of noise is a necessity." The lithograph is from the Benjamin A. and Julia M. Trustman Collection at Brandeis University. Currently, 500 of the lithographs and background information on Daumier and his times are accessible online at http:/ /www.library. brandeis.edu/specialcollections/ daumier/.