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—Mary Ellen K. Davis Editor & Publisher

In a recent survey, ACRL members rated the value of various activities and programs provided by ACRL and placed the greatest value on two ACRL publications, College & Research Libraries News and College & Research Libraries. A majority also placed “great value” on ACRL’s standards and guidelines. Most members regularly read both C&RL News (95.6%) and C&RL (93.6%) and most value ACRL’s standards and guidelines (88.4%).

Based on those numbers I hope you find this issue of C&RL News a true bonanza. Draft revisions of the “Standards for College Libraries,” the “Standards for Community, Junior, and Technical College Learning Resources Programs,” and “Guidelines Regarding Thefts in Libraries” are published in this issue for your review and comment.

Committees of member volunteers have worked long and hard to develop these new standards. Take time to review them carefully. If you attend the ALA Annual Conference in Miami, go to the hearings and voice your opinions. If you will not be in Miami, contact the chairs of the appropriate committees directly.

The member survey also asked, “If you could add one thing to ACRL’s programs and services what would it be?” Most respondents didn’t answer, but those who did said they would like more association information. This issue contains a special 16- page insert filled with association information about ACRL’s programs and meetings at the 1994 ALA Annual Conference in Miami.

To express your opinions directly to the ACRL Board of Directors, attend the open-mike session during the Annual Conference. The first 27 minutes of the June 25, 1994, 2:00 p.m. meeting of the Board have been set aside for ACRL members on a first-come, first-serve basis, to address the Board (with a limit of three minutes per speaker) on any topic.

Please note the new and improved mnemonic Internet addresses for ALA staff. If you know the staff person’s name and remember that ALA’s node is now “” you should be able to reach him or her easily.

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